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:red_circle: No, I cannot be bothered. You can use the search feature of the forum. It finds the respective posts in an instant.

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Then clearly you aren’t invested in your idea the way you claim.

:red_circle: I have posted this idea about 5 times already. If you cannot be bothered to put in a little effort to find them, it only goes to show that you are neither interested nor invested in actually fixing an issue. You claim something. It is up to you to prove your claims. Otherwise: stop telling lies. :slight_smile:

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pat pat
You are the one claiming you had a fix, I asked to see it, you’ve apparently posted it a whole ‘five’ times, wow so many posts about it on these forums.
It’s nowhere in your recent activity, I have no idea which threads you posted it in, so yeah, I’m not going to waste my time searching for it blindly when you have all this information already, so can find it far faster than I would be able to, when it’s you claiming you have a good fix.

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:red_circle: You just have to type Zhalyd Lyehin Rorqual in the search field. It cannot be easier to find. And you claim that I would want to remove mining ability from Rorquals. This is your claim. Prove that I did that.

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Well, that was the result I could find using your search term that actually showed an idea, so you are right, you don’t “Want to remove mining ability”… technically… if you want to split hairs.
You want to delete the entire ship.
Which… does remove the mining ability when you look at it practically.
So… your own search term actually showed I was right if you aren’t being utterly pedantic.

And that is a remarkably dumb idea.

:red_circle: Typical Nevyn. Picking what suits his narrative and failing at that as well. You really are one of a kind. Since you cannot manage to use the search properly, let me help you after all:

It amazes me how some people fail at even the simplest tasks. My own search terms prove that you are utterly wrong and a cherry-picking fool. :slight_smile:

Hey, you gave me the search terms you claimed worked, I used them and that was what I found. Don’t blame me for your failure at search terms. I asked for the links and you refused to give them, instead telling me to use those search terms.
Interesting how you don’t address your own post calling for Rorquals to be deleted from the game of course…
And how you somehow think your more recent idea is very different from outright deleting Rorquals from the game at this point, given there clearly aren’t going to be enough active fields for the number of Rorquals in the game.

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It’s amazing how strong your arguments become when you start calling people names. It’s a great way to save time with tedious things like facts and on-topic replies and just “win” the topic quickly. Way to go!


Hey, I gave you the search terms that work: It is not my fault that you are not competent enough to use the tools. Or actually, that you are such a pedantic personality that you scrolled down literally 20 posts of mine to find the one post that suited your narrative. All the posts that I listed come before the post that you found.

Wow… would you look at that, you used a different search term to the one you told me to use to find your posts.
Way to make a strawman argument.

Also I note that you’ve again evaded the actual questions, instead focusing on personal attacks.


You accused me first of something that I have not said. Talk about personal attacks. You also have all the information on how to fix the Rorquals. That question is answered.

While you might not have literally said exactly those words, either deleting Rorquals or hard capping them to one per grid in a way that no other ship has ever been limited before, both of those ideas effectively remove the ability of the Rorquals to mine in a meaningful way.
You also are effectively deleting the Rorqual from the game even with your suggestion to limit them. Why do you think that a cruiser sized mining platform should be the end game for miners, why do you think that the lack of meaningful progression in mining skills would be a good thing for the game, and what kind of compensation program do you imagine Rorqual owners getting, since there is utterly no way that the current numbers of Rorquals could ever be used under your belief. (well it’s not really yours since it’s been suggested for years, but lets go with ‘yours’)

P.S. A thrown out idea is not a fix, as shown above you’ve failed to address a whole bunch of things which I barely scratched the surface on there.


That is not true. As I said in one of the posts, you could even restore the old mining yield of the first iteration after the change. The Rorqual can mine more than before every effectively. But there cannot be more than 1 on the field. The Rorqual can effectively mine more than before. Another word twisting to suit your narrative.

The Rorqual is still the end game for miners. But instead of fielding 20 of these end game ships, you have a fleet of your Rorqual and 20 other ships. This fosters cooperation in corps and alliances instead of solo people doing everything with just their Rorquals which virtually removes a ton of cooperation potential beyond the “I’m tackled, light a cyno and save me” meta.

There is no lack of meaningful progression. Quite the contrary. This change would reimplement the meaningful progression again. The Rorqual was conceptualized as the ultimate mining booster of EVE for your mining fleet of barges and exhumers. This role would come back and you could meaningfully support your fleet again.

What? Why should they get compensation? My carrier ratting has been nerfed repeatedly and I did not get a compensation either. Why should Rorquals, which have benefited from years of unchecked destruction of the economy get a different treatment? And you accuse me of strawmen.

Such as? You have not managed to post a single issue that is not taken care of already. All of your posted “issues” are none. Care to elaborate 2 issues that you have not listed yet that have not been debunked?

Furthermore, I find it remarkable how people can possibly defend the Rorqual to stay as it is when it has done nothing but cause damage to the game, economy and gameplay as a whole. It removed player interaction, it removed danger potential from mining, it created huge mineral oversupply issues, it enabled the capital proliferation. And here you are trying to squeeze out tears for those utterly broken and damaging ships.

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You accuse me of saying you said things you didn’t (When you pretty much did say those things), then you go and do the same to me, except even more so, since I’ve literally said the Rorqual is not ok.
I am not defending it’s current state, I am saying that your ‘fix’ comes with a whole raft of problems and therefore it is not a good fix. Ok, it could be one CCP end up going with, because sometimes there are only bad solutions, but that doesn’t make it a good idea.

For example, your carrier ratting has not been made so that only a single carrier can be on grid at the same time. Also ratting is not the only use of a carrier, mining & boosting is the only use of a Rorqual and you propose to hardcap this. There has never been a hardcap like this before which makes this a totally different situation to simply nerfing your ratting.

And explain to me how one of those Exhumer pilots meaningfully progresses. Because you are proposing a hardcap of a single Rorqual per grid there is no room for that pilot to ever advance, because there is already a Rorqual in action.

You aren’t addressing these issues, you are simply shouting very loudly that they don’t exist and claiming victory here.


That exhumer pilot can pilot a Rorqual and the previous Rorqual pilot can be in an exhumer. Shared duties and shared responsibilities for the greater good of the corporation. See, you do it again. You simply blank out anything that does not suit your narrative. Just because a Rorqual is limited to one active Industrial Core (which is something I have clarified in my suggestions as well, but you didn’t bother to read) per grid does not mean that a certain exhumer pilot is stuck in the exhumer all the time. They can sit in the Rorqual just fine and provide boosts for their corp when other people are in exhumers or the usual Rorqual pilot does not have the time to do the job. They can share the ship in the corp between several people.
Saying that there is no possible progression just because you cannot dump 100 Rorquals with active Industrial Cores on a resource grid any longer is a huge and very weak strawman. I have addressed this issue. It is again not my fault that you cling to strawman to shape a feature to suit your narrative.

That is not true at all. Combat Rorquals were a thing and still are a thing.

There are hard caps on what modules you can fit to which ships. CCP even relatively recently introduced limitations to capital modules so that you cannot fit them to sub caps anymore. There are also hard caps on what ships you can take into certain DED plexes or FW plexes. Super carriers cannot use support fighters anymore, which is another very recently introduced hard cap. Hard caps on things are abundant in EVE and just because it has not been done this way, does not mean it’s a bad thing. Limiting the activation of the Industrial Core to 1 per resource field is a sensible measure to limit resource extraction and exposes the process to proper risk. As I have said in my suggestions linked above, this even allows for advanced tactics like chain PANICing.

You still have not mentioned a single branch of an issue that is a real issue. All your mentioned issues are nothing but strawmen and attacks on the fragile egos of entitled people. Or are you really telling me that the inability to dump 100 Rorquals on a single grid is a bad thing.

Not to mention that every recent nerf to curb Rorquals impacted the normal miners even more than it did Rorquals. Matter of fact, Rorquals have even less to worry about than before. Remember these huge Spod rocks in the past? It was very easy to engage the Excavators on those because they were far away from the Rorqual. Now? The rocks are so small that Excavs are always in scoop range before bombs hit or you can lock them and web them. You may be successful in finding actual issues with my suggestion beyond the already mentioned impact on fragile alt army miner egos, but the currently existing changes have caused an actual raft built of iron wood logs of issues.

Would it make you feel better if I told you that you had zero stock in this game? You are not guaranteed any of it, none of it belongs to “you” every item, ship, monocle, etc belongs wholly to CCP. When you realize that, maybe you will open your eyes, and maybe not. You are talking extremes.

There’s been plenty of people (not to be insulting of course) that have passed on unfortunately that have been playing this game. I highly doubt any of them, at any time said, Oh god, what about my stuff??

get over yourself, or you can leave. that simple.

did you ever find the answer? i would like to know

Battle Rorqual.

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