Forum Titles

ISD_Traindriver Just asking here because I’ve had no luck finding any info on it, but how does one go about acquiring tags next to their username (ex: Newbro, Veteran, Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World, etc) :smile:

@Sargon_Of_Amerish - please keep on-topic in threads, I’ve split this out into a new thread and moved it into the Forum Feedback & Requests - EVE Online Forums section.

The forums are based on Discourse, see Understanding Discourse Trust Levels for a bit more on trust levels.

Can you tell us where the “private lounge” or “hidden secure area” for the Veterans (TL3) is? :slight_smile:

Doesn’t exist. Just like the mailing feature does not exist even though the forum keeps suggesting to use mails when you reply too often to the same person. Discourse, or at least the implementation here, is a trainwreck.

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