New, EVE Vanguard related tags suggestion

I would like to suggest adding new tags for forum posts, relating to EVE Vanguard and the link between EVE Vanguard and EVE Online

  • eve-vanguard or vanguard - for posts regarding EVE Vanguard outside of main EVE Vanguard section
  • eve-vanguard-link - for posts discussing possible ways of Vanguards and Capsuleers interacting with each other

I would highly suggest you find whatever forums are devoted to Vanguard and post any and all suggestions you may have regarding that dumpster fire over there.

A great many of us remember the cluster f*ck that was Dust 514, and aren’t very supportive of any idea reminiscent of that $hit show. You’ll find a much more supportive audience in the Vanguard forum than you will here.

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Was discord but they finally moved vanguard to here. Similar to how proton has its own section, so does vanguard

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Moved to Feature Feedback - EVE Online Forums