Not sure how to be able to post in general discussion

(Smuff Gallente) #1

Ok so the old forums are at so what happens to those archives when this forum goes to and the new forums become forums.eveonline. also i don’t think it’s right that we are locked out from posting into the general discussion forums i guess it unlocks some how i’m not sure

(Xercodo) #2

Probably account age, it used to be trial accounts, it might still apply to alpha characters, I don’t recall :3

It keeps out spam bots from flooding other forums sections

(Smuff Gallente) #3

this isn’t an alpha clone account hasn’t been for nearly 2 years now

(Sakul Aubaris) #4

Look out for those badges.
It seems like some unlock more features for the forum.

(Ima Wreckyou) #5

You have to complete the tutorial with discobot

(ISD Athechu) #6

Badges grant permissions (what permissions specifically I’m not 100% sure so could be wrong) If you run through the tutorial with Discobot you should gain access I believe.

(Kathern Aurilen) #7

I’m an alpha, been trying to open a thread in pve feedback for a couple days. I can make reply’s but that’s it

(Memphis Baas) #8

In the upper right corner you should have your character portrait and if you click that, it’ll take you to your “flagged” conversations. Look for the “discobot: greetings” one and click that. You have to go through a stupid forums tutorial where this automated script asks you to make posts, quote posts, include pictures, etc., and after an annoyingly long session of back-and-forth with a stupid script, you get a badge that unlocks your access to the forums.

Because it’s a (stupid) script, as long as you specifically do exactly the thing it requests at the top of your reply, it won’t detect if you decide to include additional swear words / abuse or NSFW images in your replies to it. So you can vent at CCP for forcing you to go through this experience.

(Jenny Hong) #9

“Badges? BADGES? We don’ need no stinking badges!” :wink: