Unable to post images

Keep getting a new users error… how long until i can post topics with pictures in ?

Not sure, its based on trust level. I think you have to read something like 30 threads and post 5 times.

Ahh ok, was just looking at starting a thread in the tech labs and updated my orig post with screenshots.

Just read posts, spend a little time on the forums, and you’ll naturally progress into the next TL :wink:

Can you check your progress into the next TL ?

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Will we get rules and demonstrations etc of what @CCP_Falcon promised, with embed video and player banners etc?

From my experience doing the @discobot intro, I got the same message when I tried to upload an image from my computer but could immediately upload from imgur.com. The New Member delay must be to upload pics directly onto the forum only.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Not progress, no, but I’ve re-enabled the badges that tell you what level you are.

You’re currently “basic”, once you meet the requirements (entering few topics, reading posts, and spending some time on the forums) you get bumped to the next level. :slight_smile:

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I saw the notification come through and my post worked a treat afterwards

Post #1 (plus added buffer characters because succinct content can’t be relevant.) :slight_smile:

forum calling me new
been playing for 11 years

CCP literally pls

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Tell me about it… I guess that is the respect you get for hanging around since 2002.

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The forums are a brand new system. Everyone starts off with a new slate.

Works fine for me.