How do I start the tutorial for this new forum?

Apparently you need to go through some tutorial to earn privileges for this forum? How does this all work? It’s confusing the heck out of me.

Read the discobot’s message in your inbox and it will teach you some weird stuff


Ok, so I got into this discobot conversation (which btw really should be Aura) and now it wants to reply me with a picture. But I can’t because apparently new users can’t use pictures, meaning I’m stuck now.

It’s a bit of a bug. Wait for discobot to prod you with another message in a short while and you should be able to continue.

You should be able to use the upload from web, that’s what I did and it was ok with that.

Optionally, go scroll through like 4-5 other threads and it should award you “Basic” pretty quickly

Hi there, you need to increase your trust level within the forum system.

Basically, look at different topics, post a reply or two and you will get to the next level in no time. This will enable you to post an image.

These restrictions are lifted when you gain the basic trust level.

Your new user restrictions have been lifted; you’ve been granted all essential community abilities, such as personal messaging, flagging, wiki editing, and the ability to post multiple images and links.

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Ok so now I have earned this “certificate” Does this do anything or give you any privilege? Is there something of an “advanced certificate” that goes with some tutorial?

I do not know if you gain any special abilities other than a badge to display.

But yes, there is an advanced tutorial to start it type @discobot start advanced user, in your private channel with the bot.

Ok the discobot ark questline continues (I should at least get a shitload of Loyalty Points for this). Now it wants me to undelete a post, but there’s nothing to undelete. No undelete/undo icon to be found

Do you by chance have a post under Discobots post that is highlighted in Red? If so that is the one you need to restore.

you could skip that part using the keyword skip as reply

I believe we normal peasants can’t see that. I had trouble finding it and complained to the bot until he told me to skip it.

It says

Having trouble? Remember “show more” will reveal undelete.

But there is nothing under “show more” that can be undeleted, nor do I see any red highlighted post.

I prefer not to use skip to give CCP feedback about this tutorial, that obviously needs a shitload of improvement

I have removed the ‘solved’ tag for this thread, hopefully one of our developers will see the post soon.

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That would be a wise move. In its current form this tutorial is simply not working:

  1. It’s hard to find/start to begin with
  2. There is no clear purpose for the user, nor are there any tangible rewards
  3. There is no visual feedback how far you are in its progression
  4. Tons of bugs/UI issues that make the average user get stuck
  5. It should be called Aura and give in-game rewards (some skin for instance) to stimulate new forum usage
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As a workaround you can just post a link to in image on the web. Just post the link in the text field, no tags needed, and hit reply. You don’t actually have to upload to advance the tutorial.

You can just link the unicorn pic

Ok I got the “advanced” certificate and “licensed” batch but again, neither of these tell me which forum privileges I earned, only who earned them, which is useless info tbh. Also I can’t find an overview that tells me what forum badges I can earn and what I need to do to earn them.

The search for the lovely capivara resulted in nothing found, had to scroll back to the top myself to find it.

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