Issues with Discobot New and Advanced "stories"

For fun I tried the Discobot stuff, and found two issues:

  • As “New User” I could not upload images as requested in one step
  • In the Advanced User conversation I could not “undelete” a post as instructed.

Love the forums though.

New users can’t embed images / gifs / videos initially.

You need to contribute to the forums by posting a certain amount of times, and reading for a certain amount of time. This increases your trust level, then it unlocks :slight_smile:

It’s not much, like read 30 threads and reply five times or something, and it unlocks.

Anti spam measure!

Sounds reasonable


you can, however, just link the image. that gets you past it :slight_smile:

I didn’t have a picture to upload so I just linked the unicorn back…

Still on my clipboard!

This is all well and good… but perhaps there should be a mention of that somewhere in the tutorial?