Issues with Discobot New and Advanced "stories"

(Este DeStirr) #1

For fun I tried the Discobot stuff, and found two issues:

  • As “New User” I could not upload images as requested in one step
  • In the Advanced User conversation I could not “undelete” a post as instructed.

Love the forums though.

(CCP Falcon) #2

New users can’t embed images / gifs / videos initially.

You need to contribute to the forums by posting a certain amount of times, and reading for a certain amount of time. This increases your trust level, then it unlocks :slight_smile:

It’s not much, like read 30 threads and reply five times or something, and it unlocks.

Anti spam measure!

(Tux Edos) #3

Sounds reasonable


(Steve Ronuken) #4

you can, however, just link the image. that gets you past it :slight_smile:

(afndayle) #5

I didn’t have a picture to upload so I just linked the unicorn back…

Still on my clipboard!

(Silas Sanyasi) #6

This is all well and good… but perhaps there should be a mention of that somewhere in the tutorial?