Please update the phone version of the site

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Please update it! It’s all scrunched up and uncomfortable.

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Could you please give us some examples?
Screenshots would help, as well as the type of phone you’re using and the browser.

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My phone currently is iPhone 5. Browser is Chrome. Can I actually upload picuters here? No offense, new to the system.

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You should be able to, I believe that new users are limited to only a few pictures… If you cannot upload it to an image sharing site and link the URL here.

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running out of image space. Only 3 more left. I don’t mean, that this is totally uncooperative, it’s just uncomfortable to work with. From my point of view last version of forums gave you a bit more space and freedom.

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One moment. Also while you’re waiting you may want to run through the tutorial quickly. You can find it by pressing G + M, and looking for the message from discobot. Once you complete this tutorial your messaging restrictions (including images) should be removed.

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Okay… I accidentally closed my drone/bot thingy. How do I access him through a phone?

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Try clicking on your notification feed (the picture of your avatar on the nav bar), go to ‘view older notifications’ and look for a private message from DiscoBot.

As far as I can tell regarding the styling that you posted that is about what I would expect. That being said, on android we have the ability to request a ‘desktop version of the site’. While I would not recommend it, if you have that option it may give you the freedom you’re asking about.

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Thank you. Lol. But apperantly what I meant by closing up the DiscoBot, was that I literally closed him.

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One moment.

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Try typing @ discobot start without a space between the @ and discobot.

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Typing where? No offense, I am a slow learner.

(ISD Stall) #15

In a forum post message, just reply to this one.

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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