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I was talking to discobot which is supposed to help me with the forums. I have two questions.

One is that to quote I I’m supposed to click a ↑ icon or whatever. I managed to do that a few days ago, but I forgot how to find it. When I look at a post I see the heart icon, the link icon, the flag icon, the bookmark icon, and the reply button, but not the arrow.

Another is I’m a bit stumped at the search function. I clicked the search symbol at the right of the screen, then typed in the word, then hit enter but nothing happened. Someone else said it might be because javascript isn’t enabled on this site. I know Javascript is supposed to be enabled since I’ve done other stuff on other sites with it, but maybe it’s disabled for this site? How do I enable it?

To quote someone simply left click > drag to highlight the part you want to quote then click the “quote” button that appears after you highlight text.

Search fonction works fine far as I can tell…

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