Open letter to the forum's technical support team

Hello technical support team,

first of all, I understand, you’re not to blame for the perilous state of this forum’s software. You’re just here to plug the holes left by freelancers, third party code, internal sabotage, netrunners and so on. You’re just the guys and girls on the frontline, trying your best to put out a fire that is reaching to the heavens, and all you have is a rusty bucket of water.

I can completely understand, that you’re just as exhausted and frustrated with the state of your software, as I am.

I just have… one question.


is it, that when I write a forum post, that whenever I include someone’s quote in a reply, that my post gets completely mucked up? Allow me to describe it in detail:

  • I see a post and I press “Reply”.
  • I hit the speech-bubble thing to include their quote in my reply.
  • I write my extremely, mind-numbingly funny and witty one-liner.
  • I finish my post by sending my regards.
  • I press “Reply”, and send the post.

What happens next?

  • Instantly, the quote gets completely erased.
  • My post gets marked with one edit symbol, despite no editing ever having taken place.
  • Upon attempting to repair the damage by reinserting the quote again, the quote then is posted correctly, but the post receives an additional edit mark, further ruining its perfect delivery.

This makes for a horrible soapboxing experience in the forums. I am suffering as we speak! Something HAS to be done about this, and I urge you to fully cooperate with me to gather all the managers we can to solve this specific problem that is not just affecting me, but everyone!!

With critical regards
-James Fuchs


Can’t say I’ve ever used that. What I did to quote you was to just highlight the text I wanted to quote and then hit ‘Reply’. It automatically quotes the highlighted text. If I want to reference a second quote I just highlight a new bit of text and hit reply again…

See…all quite easy.


With scientific regards
-James Fuchs

Testing again

With scientificx2 regards
-James Fuchs

Now it doesn’t happen at all! It just does what it wants!!!

With delirious regards
-James Fuchs

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It happens if you quote the entire post in its full. If you change at least one character (add or remove one) then it works. I guess the designers consider it pointless to exact quote an entire post in your reply.



With dangerous regards
-James Fuchs


Pretty sure this only happens when:

  • You’re quoting their whole post, and
  • Your post is right below theirs
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With novel regards
-James Fuchs

I think you are right! I believe we got it narrowed down!
Now all that is left is to fix this catastrophic error!


With jubilant regards
-James Fuchs

Even better if this was in the right subforum

This is the right subforum!!

With catty regards
-James Fuchs

Also you can move your topic yourself

The Reply button is used if you don’t want/need to quote the post. It’s supposed to add the avatar you reply to on top of your reply but it seldom does it for me. That’s one of the reasons I ‘@’ or quote.

If you want to quote a post, highlight and press ‘Quote’ only. Do not use ‘Reply’.

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With uncharted regards
-James Fuchs

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Then this is how to reply to posts from now on! Thanks for the tip!

With unexpected regards
-James Fuchs

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@James_Fuchs See? I pressed Reply to you ( not ‘Quote’ ) and it’s supposed to show your awesome face top of my post but it hasn’t worked for me yet.

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We discover more and more bugs in this software by the minute! Truly a perilous state! All we can do is pray and hope the managers arrive soon!

With desperate regards
-James Fuchs


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:sweat_smile: I’m not going to get my knickers in a bun for so little. Lots of websites have issues. Especially “.gov” sites in my country.
As long as the programs for nuclear plants and electrical grids work, I’m not sweating the rest.

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