Found a corp, close thread please

I’ve returned to the game to see if I can get in on the new triglavian ships. I have been away from EVE for about 2 years, completely quit. Made a brand new pilot and used a couple of those DLC packs to get myself up to where I can fly the Gila (according to what I’ve read, it’s the ship of choice for these sites) and have been running some of the Tier 1 and 2 filaments today.

I’d like to join a nullsec group, I played there when I was a regular in the game, but just know I only have ~7m SP and it’s mostly focused in missiles and drones at the moment. I will be training other things as I can (or need to).

If you’re open to a returning player, I assure you that once I get my feet under me again I’ll be rocking in no time.

Feel free to send me an EVE Mail, or Discord you can reach me at ScarletX#1478

Thanks! o7

Bokbok @ScarletX

I’d love for you to come into our discord sometime to talk about Fweddit

My corp runs Free Range Chikuns, our small and independent poultry loving US/Late EU NS/LS alliance that does daily fun blops drops, cap drops, and small gang fights.

Anyways, come into discord so we can chat, and ask for me, nivlac hita (CEO, Discord ID @niv#5061). Even if you’re unsure or already have another corp, we do lots of public roams and just like to chit chat on our discord. If I’m not on, ask for my lovely assistants by typing @Human Resources.

Fweddit ad’s here for reference

I found a corp, thank you, please close this thread

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