Found A Corp - Please Close

Welcome back buddy.

Good too see more returning players, but I understand your point with FW.

From reading your post I really do think we could be what your looking for, and having taken on many returning pilots lately you certainly won’t be the only one!

I represent Wormageddon, a UK based C5 PVP group. We 100% focus on an EU timezone to focus on our strengths and to allow us to be as close-knit as we are. We simply don’t recruit outside of our timezone.

Having alts is a massive bonus, and in some ways a must of wormhole life. Whether that be scouts and/or tackle. Always looking for more sabres to stop folk from running away!

As for what your specifically looking for, we’re quite casual. We don’t expect you to put eve in front of anything, and we simply hope people log into coms just to keep up with the corp banter. That being said, we like to keep on top of things. So, as long as you don’t go awol for more than 3 months, we’re not too bothered how regularly your online. All we ask is that you base yourself in our wormhole.

More than happy to have a chat with you on coms pal, we also have many friendly guys in our public channel in our discord. Come check us out!