Found A Corp - Please Close

I have found a corp, thank you for all your replies

Fly Dangerously
Sergeant Clangers o7

Hey gamer, you could check out Brotherhood of Spacers. I myself am UK so part of the EU contingent and we do have a large USTZ presence also.

We live in NPC nullsec with a focus on blops, though we do still take the odd fleet fight when we can. Also have a small faction warfare contingent if you decide to continue with it.

A lot of us are veterans with high SP who have played for many years, so we know IRL stuff can come first. We would hope that what we do is fun enough that you will try to turn up as much as possible but we have no hard activity requirements and understand other stuff can be more important.

We’re not typical ping-warriors so you’ll need to be able to find your own content between them but that shouldn’t be a problem if you come hang out in Venal as there are always krabbing options punctuated by the odd hotdrop.

Thanks for reading, I’ll leave all the usual info links below so you can have a read through:

hey there man

i think we can work on getting you back in to gears pritty fast plz contact me on discord if you like

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If you are looking for the smaller groups, not part of those blocks in where you might feel that you are just a number sometimes, you should stop by us for a chat.We are a pretty chill but competent if needed group, with eu/uk pilots, mostly online at nights for a few hours, since we do also embrace and understand rl.We run a variety of null sec activities together, in our corner of owned space and we do also enjoy socializing on discord voice every night.Botom line is our corp advert, so please reach us out if case anything that describes us might fitt your style.


You Are Welcome With us. :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome back buddy.

Good too see more returning players, but I understand your point with FW.

From reading your post I really do think we could be what your looking for, and having taken on many returning pilots lately you certainly won’t be the only one!

I represent Wormageddon, a UK based C5 PVP group. We 100% focus on an EU timezone to focus on our strengths and to allow us to be as close-knit as we are. We simply don’t recruit outside of our timezone.

Having alts is a massive bonus, and in some ways a must of wormhole life. Whether that be scouts and/or tackle. Always looking for more sabres to stop folk from running away!

As for what your specifically looking for, we’re quite casual. We don’t expect you to put eve in front of anything, and we simply hope people log into coms just to keep up with the corp banter. That being said, we like to keep on top of things. So, as long as you don’t go awol for more than 3 months, we’re not too bothered how regularly your online. All we ask is that you base yourself in our wormhole.

More than happy to have a chat with you on coms pal, we also have many friendly guys in our public channel in our discord. Come check us out!

Hi Sergeant Clanger

Glad to have you back in Eve. Your description about yourself sounds fair. In our corp (Thundercats) and alliance (The Initiative.) we also put real life before game life. And this is reminded once in a while to make sure, people don’t set their gaming priorities above what is really going on.

Said that, you won’t have to be concered about your priorities at all, when considering our corp as potential future forever place to be!

What we are looking for:

  • we as a corp and an alliance in the background are looking for PvP playres. Of course mining, industry, PvE and other gaming aspects are also welcome. But the core focus is on PvP
  • one of the pre-requisits of the alliance is, that pilots are skilled or skilling towards capitals (Dreads, Carriers, Faxes, Supers and Titans)
  • skilled FCs are always welcome, as we form alot smaller fleets to protect our SOV and/or to push pilots away, when e.g., gate camping here
  • we are also looking for pilots/players who are flying with fleets regularly (more about that in an interview). But as you’ve said, real life has priority one

What we don’t want:

  • corp hoppers. We are looking for players who stay in Thundercats. We have a very familiy like contact. We don’t put pressure on our members and are helping each other, when help or assistance is requested.
  • we don’t like drama. Be this between players or about an astroid belt or a combat site.

Out corp is one of the oldest within Init. Our members are playing almost since the beginning of EVE. There is a lot of knowhow around and we are more than happy to share it with new joiners as well as with any other player within the corp and alliance.

You can find more details about Thundercats in our posting here:

We would be happy to welcome you in our ingame recruiting channel ‘Thunderkitty’.

I am looking forward meeting you there.

Fly safe o7


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