FOUND | Female Character born between 2004 and 2010

(Ria Aquirez) #1


I am looking for a female Character that was born between 2004 and 2010 with a low amount of Skillpoints. The Character can be stripped, used or untouched.

Please leave your Offers below, thanks!

Kind Regards

(Selowyn) #2

just outside your range but maybe you might have interest… if so mail me or take care and free bump

Selowyn o/

(Hydro gene) #3

Take a look and tell me if your intrested and how much you are willing to offer.

(Tisha Maxwell) #4


Low Sp, decent name, no history, 2007. Focused combat with no waste or useless skills injected.

Shoot me an offer if interested.


(Ria Aquirez) #5

Thanks for all the kind Offers so far, but unfortunately I have not found something that really catches my Eye yet. Nevertheless thank you all for Posting on my Thread - I appreciate it a lot!

Still looking

(Ria Aquirez) #6

Still looking

(Ria Aquirez) #7

Still looking

(Suave Seeker) #9

Is this something?

(Buffy Matarhunter) #10

Hi, do you like this toon:

(Ria Aquirez) #14

Still looking

The Character preferably owns a decent Name :slight_smile:

(Ria Aquirez) #15

Still looking

(Ria Aquirez) #16

Still looking

(Juzee) #17

Hi, check me out:

(Simmonna) #18

hi I have for sale

(Ria Aquirez) #19

How much are you both looking for? :slight_smile: @Simmonna @Juzee

(Simmonna) #20

4.5b for Simmonna

(Ria Aquirez) #21

Mmh thats quite a high Price for a Character from 2008. In general I am paying around 3B to 3.5B for those, since they still need to be equiped and so on :slight_smile: I’ll think about it! @Simmonna

(Mecha Polcha) #23

(Ria Aquirez) #24

@Mecha_Polcha How about 3.5B? :slight_smile:

(Ria Aquirez) #25

Still looking