Found Home

Found Home. TY.

Good day to you

You are more than welcome to join Obsidian Conclave we are a chilled corp that would love to have ya.

We have a HQ in high sec and are growing each day.

Join me in my Discord at

Kind Regards
CEO & Founder

Hey mate if you able to join our discord jump on a say hey maybe we can talk details :grin:

Or join our in game channel darkaide recruiting

Come join us. We have an active UK, EU timezone. We are active in comms and we ha e a good group of guys that will have you laughing all night while shooting ships or rocks.

We pride ourselves in ha king fun, and supporting one another. Being in a social corp like ours can make the game more entertaining. Hope to hear from you in game.

Updated search.

If you’re still looking to join a nullsec corp, we are looking for people exactly like you at Fiction. We are a Corp that has a strong foothold in nullsec with 12 Sov systems and run daily roams for pve and pvp content. Come say hi in both the Fiction Pub channel.

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