Foundation Day Celebrations

 "And so it was,
 That Gheinok led his people on the great exodus,
 To the land of our Salvation,
 To the land of God,
 To the land of his Chosen,
 To Athra."
       - The Scriptures, Gheinok the First 1:32

On August 5th, we in the Empire celebrate Foundation Day! For those who do not know, Foundation Day marks the construction of the first Amarr church on Athra by the Prophet Dano Gheinok who led the first of the faithful onto the planet of Athra.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, LUMEN and PIE invite fellow Faithful, Allies, and Friends to a parade around the Emperor Family Academy Station in Amarr Prime at 19:00 New Eden Standard Time on August 5th, YC 122. Fleet Commanders will be Lucas Raholan (call sign) and Aldrith Shutaq (call sign). Please bring something shiny… and Gold!

After the parade, cocktails and further celebration can be had in the newly renovated and expanded venue “The Holy Grape” in Emperor Family Academy running from 21:00 to late on August 5th, YC 122. There will be windows for a view of fireworks!

On Sunday August 9th, starting at 19:00 Lunarisse Aspenstar will be giving personal tours of “Gardens of the Empire” exhibit in further celebration of Foundation Day, including two new gardens never opened to the public! Her Garden Yacht “Oasis of Faith” will be docked in the Emperor Family Academy, Amarr Prime.


The triglavians will be there


Can I come to the garden party? I can always use more ideas for mine.

A Kybernaut or two may be there as well :wink:

Sure, but its not a party, it’s a tour being run periodically through the day on Sunday as an open house. If you can dock safely in EFA, you can come on the tour.

Is there a schedule?

On Sunday August 9th, starting at 19:00… as for after, it depends on when I finish the earlier tour(s) and demand…

 "Так оно и было:
  Гейнок вел свой народ в великое бегство,
  В землю нашего Спасения,
  В землю Бога,
  В землю его избранных,
  В Атру ".
         - Священное Писание, Гейнок Первый 1:32

Аммарцы, 5 августа, мы в Империи отмечаем День Основания! Для тех, кто не знает: “День Основания” знаменует строительство первой церкви Амарр на Атре, пророком Дано Гейноком, который привел первого из верующих на планету Атра.

Чтобы отпраздновать это знаменательное событие, LUMEN и PIE приглашают верных, союзников и друзей на парад вокруг станции “Emperor Family Academy” (Академия Императорской Семьи) в Амарр-Прайм в 19:00 по стандартному времени Нового Эдема 5 августа 122 года. Командующим флотом будет Лукас Рахолан (Lucas Raholan) (позывной) и Алдрит Шутака (позывной). Пожалуйста, принесите что-нибудь блестящее… и золота побольше!

После парада коктейли и дальнейшее празднование можно будет заказать в недавно отремонтированном и расширенном зале «Священный виноград» в Академии Императорской семьи, который работает с 21:00 до позднего вечера 5 августа, 122 года. Из окон можно видеть фейерверк. !

В воскресенье 9 августа, начиная с 19:00, Лунаризз Эйпенстар (Lunarisse Aspenstar) проведет персональные экскурсии по выставке «Сады Империи» в рамках празднования Дня Основания, включая два новых сада, которые будут открыты впервые для публики! Её садовая яхта «Оазис веры» будет пришвартована в Академии Императорской Семьи на Амарр Прайм.

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I really want to see the yacht Lunarisse Aspenstar. If you’re lucky, you can ride it.

Очень хочу увидеть яхту Лунаризз Эйпенстар. Если повезет, то и прокатится на ней. =)


Really dumb question, what does EFA stand for - and can you link the system or world to go to to participate in this specific event?

Also, the CCP post on this mentions multiple events (parades, I want to see one) in multiple systems through out the next two days. Is there any where to get more detailed information on precise events and times and places?

Thanks in advance, and I apologize if these answers are obvious. I am not actually a n00b, but have never attended these types of events and very much would like to experience them. I will be there on Sunday, wearing my new Foundation Day duds that CCP handed out.

Thanks for your time answering, and everything else you do to make this event a blast (which it sounds like to me!).

SINCERELY – Malcor Rex

It stands for the Empire Family Academy in Amarr. It’s pretty easy to find. Just make your way to Amarr and you can jump/dock in the Overview. See you there mon ami!

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En-route to Sarum Prime now, going to base out of there for the weekend. Thanks so much!

Even if you missed LUMEN’s parade, the celebrations continue! I understand all of the Heir fleets will be deployed in celebration and fireworks for the next week or so in Amarr Prime, Tash Murkon prime, Sarum Prime, Kador Prime, Kor Azor Prime, Ardishapur Prime and Khanid Prime.


I will be broadcasting LIVE from our mobile studio in the Emperor Family Academy all weekend in celebration of Foundation Day - Join in-game chat channel FRNE - Good music & news about Foundation Day events - Tune In! -


Any chance of getting a live interview tomorrow on-air via Discord with Lunarisse? Maybe before the tours?


P. S. Pre-recorded is fine to, if she is busy. As I imagine she must be.

The Garden Tours are unfortunately being rescheduled. due to matters out of my control.
I will announce new date once I know.

That is most unfortunate indeed. However I will watch this thread like a hawk, and I still would like that interview sometime. Doesn’t have to be live, pre-recorded is fine. And thanks for all you do!

Just a picture I took of the Amarr parade formation today. They’re in the formation of the Amarr famlily crest.


So plenty of time to put dozens of Aeons, Archons, Revelations, Apostles, and an Avatar on ‘parade duty’, but they can’t actually put a force like that into their own systems under attack by the Trigs?

Seriously, what the hell are the empires thinking?


The amarr have successfully repelled almost all of their invasions, they care little about the other 3 empires even their allies the caldari who are suffering greatly.