YC 125 Foundation Day Events

"And so it was,
That Gheinok led his people on the great exodus,
To the land of our Salvation,
To the land of God,
To the land of his Chosen,
To Athra."

  • The Scriptures, Gheinok the First 1:32

On August 5th, we in the Empire celebrate Foundation Day! For those who do not know, Foundation Day marks the construction of the first Amarr church on Athra, now Amarr Prime, by the Prophet Dano Gheinok, who led the first of the faithful onto the planet of Athra.

Loyalists are encouraged to visit the Throne Worlds and homeworlds of the Imperial Heirs and celebrate with fireworks!

History Tour:

On Friday August 4th, at 22:00 NEST (( Nakamura Time (nakamura-labs.com) )) and Saturday, August 5 at 15:00 NEST (( Nakamura Time (nakamura-labs.com))) Friar Theodosius Savnar and Lunarisse Phonaga will give a tour of notable landmarks of the Empire. This tour will embark from Emperor Family Academy in Amarr and be in high security space.

Also at 2:00 Saturday August 5th (( Nakamura Time (nakamura-labs.com) )), Maria Daphiti will be leading a late night tour of low security landmarks in Amarr space! Fit and fly accordingly!

To be announced: PIE’s 20th Anniversary and SFRIM’s 10th Anniversaries to be Celebrated at Foundation Day Gala later in August!


Will heretics, heathens and other unbelievers be welcomed to the tours?

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Amarr Victor! I pilgrimage home to Conoban each year for Foundation Day. It is a honor to be Amarrian, and the duty of us all to keep holy all that is rightous and pure. See you there.


Yes, madam. Everyone is welcome as long as folks keep a peaceful and respectful stance.

Please note that some of the narrative may be considered controversial to subjects of the Republic, as we will be visiting war crime sites of the Elder invasion, and discussing these from a strictly Imperial perspective.


The Imperial Association of Amarr Slave Traders is holding a Foundation Day reception at the Holy Grape at 19h00 on 5/8. Watch the fireworks from the broad windows of the Holy Grape venue at Emperor Family Academy in Amarr! Champaigne and caviar will be free for attending capsuleers. Special visum available for heretics such as Sedevacantists so they can reconnect with the Empire. Although we do our best, safety cannot be assured, so be sure to clone up!

During the evening there will be a special ‘SBP’ action sale: Sebbie By the Pound! Offer valid until stock is exhausted. Fixed price of 4.9 ISK per pound for any Sebiestor slave! That’s inertial mass and it means an average price of just 720 isk per slave, excluding tax. Come get yours! Come early and pick fit skinny!

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Certainly. With such a shining example as this thread itself gives to promoting peaceful and respecting relationships between our peoples, who could even consider otherwise?


Didn’t you lot try to blow up the parade participants last year, destroying a battleship or two?

I distinctly remember the paint on my Paladin being scratched.

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Pretty sure I didn’t. Haven’t crossed the border under influence enough to forget about it since the YC108(?) raid incident that lead to Gradient’s notoriously strict rules about flying drunk.

will be leading a late night tour of low security landmarks in Amarr space! Fit and fly accordingly!

Any chance of you taking a wrong turn and making a slight detour to Misaba? Got some **** I need to get out and a band of camera-wielding tourists gawking at celestial wallpapers would probably aid that. :stuck_out_tongue:

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How does one join?

The fleets were announced publicly at the time in local and certain capsuleer channels and listed on the Agency.

As Miss Daphiti’s was rescheduled TBD, I expect she’ll post here when it’s rescheduled.

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