[Event] Foundation Day YC 124

"And so it was,
That Gheinok led his people on the great exodus,
To the land of our Salvation,
To the land of God,
To the land of his Chosen,
To Athra."

  • The Scriptures, Gheinok the First 1:32

On August 5th, we in the Empire celebrate Foundation Day! For those who do not know, Foundation Day marks the construction of the first Amarr church on Athra, now Amarr Prime, by the Prophet Dano Gheinok, who led the first of the faithful onto the planet of Athra.


To celebrate this momentous occasion, Khimi Harar (LUMEN), along with several of its member corporations, the Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque (SFRIM), the Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order (PIE), and Ordo Crucis Noctilucae (KHPER), invite fellow Faithful, Allies, and Friends to a parade around the Emperor Family Academy Station in Amarr at 19:00 New Eden Standard Time on August 5th, YC 124 - Nakamura Time (nakamura-labs.com). From there, the parade will continue on to visit the Heir Fleets, and end in Khanid Prime.

The parade marshal will be Zekaien Hakotama; however, all loyalist parade participants are welcome - and expected - to have their respective fleet commanders to coordinate their pilots and with the parade marshal! Please bring a ship of Amarrian design, if possible… and fireworks!!

Note: This event is open to all Loyalists, allies of the Empire, and friends of the Empire. Amarr ships recommended. No Blood Raider or EoM Liveries.


After the parade, cocktails and further celebration can be had in the “The Holy Grape” in Emperor Family Academy running from 21:00 to late on August 5th, YC 124. (Nakamura Time (nakamura-labs.com) There will be windows for a view of fireworks!

Note: Formal attire or formal dress uniforms only please. You may wear culturally specific formal clothing, so long as it is modest enough to conform to Amarrian standards. Those dressed inappropriately will be turned away at the door. (Or given an emergency Imperial formal robe. May smell of old Holder.) This is open to all except members of the Matari/Federation Militias, the Blood Raiders Covenant and other heretics, Sansha’s Nation or Kybernauts.

History Tour:

On Sunday August 7th, at 15:00 (Nakamura Time (nakamura-labs.com) and 21:00,(Nakamura Time (nakamura-labs.com) Friar Theodosius Savnar and Lunarisse Phonaga will give a tour of notable landmarks of the Empire. This tour will embark from Emperor Family Academy in Amarr.

This is open to everyone.


LUMEN is also sponsoring a contest this year: “Emblems of Faith.” LUMEN invites all Loyalists, Allies of the Empire, and supporters of the Empire, to submit posters, poems, and other creative works celebrating the Empire, the Imperial Throne, the Faith, and their legacies. The deadline for entries is Sunday, August 7th, YC 124. Judgment and awards will be made mid-August by the Khimi Harar Board and Excubitoris Chapter Command.


1st Place - 1x Apocalypse Navy Issue + 1 billion isk
2nd Place - 1x Harbinger Navy Issue + 500 million isk
3rd Place - 1x Omen Navy Issue + 250 million isk
4th Place - 1x Imperial Navy Slicer + 100 million isk.
(Prizes may be updated depending on support and sponsors)

Some basic rules:

Multiple submissions are permitted from a single individual! However, each submission will be judged independently. Please submit on “Eve-Fiction” or as a Reply to the Emblems of Faith Contest Thread on the forums. While this is open to everyone, please note that this is a competition designed to celebrate Holy Amarr, its history, and its future in New Eden, and bear that in mind whilst creating your submissions!

The Prophet Gheinok Symposium:

The concluding event of our celebration of the foundation of Holy Amarr is a formal symposium to be held at the Excubitoris Chapterhouse on Oris. Guests will have access to the entirety of the public facilities of the Oris Chapterhouse. This event will occur on Sunday, August 28th, YC 124, and run from 20:00 to late ( Nakamura Time (nakamura-labs.com) ).

The theme of this symposium is the foundation of Amarr and the many triumphs of the Emperors over the millennia. The celebration will feature live performances, dancing, and music in honor of the Holy Prophet. Historical Amarr formal styles, dress uniforms, and modern Amarr formal styles are all acceptable for the event. Dress that does not conform to one of these standards will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Anyone with positive standings from PIE or LUMEN and negative standings from neither is welcome. Those who lack standings are permitted to request entry and will be assessed on a case by case basis. Those who are not considered reputable enough to enter Excubitoris Chapter facilities will be turned away. As with other events, those that have shown hostile intent towards the Empire shall be turned away (and those unwilling to leave shall become target practice for the guards).


IC roleplay begins
Calling all Minmatar and Gallente capsuleers and all those who oppose the Amarrian hegemony! I plan to protest against the Amarr Empire, hence a revolution is proposed by me against the Empire. Parades will be disrupted and propaganda be posted in key areas. More would be revealed after i plan out more things we get some participation.
Thank you!
IC roleplay ends
Ooc reference
Umm im pretty new to roleplaying but i love doing this. Since i really hate amarr, i thought i should take such an initiative. I hope it’s not rude or offensive to someone or something in anyway? :sweat_smile:


Reminder! Tomorrow the first scheduled events are occurring !



Cancelling the Foundation day rebellion. Imperial Navy found out my and my comrades hideout and we needed to escape, but don’t worry! All the stuff is with me. Next year we would definitely revolt against their celebrations!

Reminder, Last Event for this Month’s Foundation Day related activities coming up this week!

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Those interested in joining this event should join the channel ‘Sacred Throne’ if they do not already have access to Excubitoris Chapter facilities.

Thank you to all who attended our celebration in honor of the Prophet.


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