FPS Drop When Moving Mouse

I play in windowed mode.

When I move the mouse inside the window, my FPS drops from ~74 to about ~50, and the game generally becomes less responsive. Moving the mouse outside the window has no effect.

If I only use the keyboard, there’s no lagging introduced.

I’m not certain when this started happening, but it could be related to my updating the Linux kernel to gentoo-sources-4.12.5 a few weeks ago. However, I just did a make oldconfig, so it should have preserved whatever good settings I had previously.

I was on Wine 2.3, and I’ve upgraded that to 2.16 with no change.

I’ll try switching to the other kernel again, but is there anything else I should check?

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Not sure i can help. 4.12+ have new schedulers, which might do something.

Check in top (not htop) which processes push to the top, when you start moving the mouse for a bit, and check cpu.

report your findings with a screenshot. a shot into the blue, as i’m no linux expert, but hey…

I had the same issue, but then remembered I used a fresh wine prefix for EVE, and forgot to enable Wine Staging’s CSMT (Command Stream Multi-Threading). Afterwards, the FPS drops were gone.

So you should check that you

  1. installed Wine with the “staging” USE flag in the latest version (2.17 at the time of writing, you might need to add your own Portage overlay and rename the ebuild since the latest version available in Portage is 2.3) and
  2. use winecfg to enable CSMT in the “Staging” tab.

A default wine64 prefix is fine, no real need to install anything else using Winetricks. If you can live with some flickering (sun, far-away stations) there is no need to use the DX9 fallback.

Also, you might want to add “WINEDEBUG=-all” to your command line. Speeds up the game and your HDD won’t be filled up with gigabytes of “fixme” log entries.

Thanks, but none of those were it.

Switching the kernel back to 4.9 did the trick.

There may be an option (USB_PCI and UHCI) I had disabled as I had some trouble getting my keyboard and mouse on USB to work after the kernel loaded.

After fiddling around a bit, I’ve filed a bug about the issue as I really don’t think it’s me. 4.13 exhibits the same behavior.

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