Screen Freezing During Mouse Movement

Not sure what happened recently, however, this morning when I started up even a single client, the games FPS completely freezes any time the mouse moves. CPU is running at 5.0ghz and I’ve tried Interval Immediate and Interval 1. Normally I maintain Interval 1. No hardware updates. GeForce driver update yesterday but game ran smoothly after it was completed. In-game overlays and Windows Game ■■■■ disabled. Tried with sound off/on, graphics maxed, graphics min, DirectX 9, standard. No luck with these attempts.

The gif below caused some odd issues in that my FPS was severely limited during creation with ShareX–but it typically caps at 62 fps (15.0ms). But it still shows the complete seizure of FPS during mouse movement when over the game window.

Just reaching out to the community to see if anyone has any other troubleshooting ideas.

Some additional information–the screen does not freeze when I am dragging the camera. I have searched Google for similar events and the five or six threads I came across also discussed similar things but none of them had a remedy. I have used three different mice ranging from Corsair Dark Core RGB down to an old Dell basic. Wired and wireless. No additional USB devices plugged in, different USB ports.

I had the same problem. Has to do with mouse polling rate.

I found a workaround. I lowered my DPS and report rate in Logitech GHub and it worked.

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