Fractured - Sandbox MMO in development

For those of you who like sandbox MMOs and enjoy fantasy settings like Ultima Online this one seems worth keeping an eye on.

Features include:

  • Three planets each with multiple continents that focus on three distinct play styles. (PVE, PvP and mixed)

  • Multiple races to choose from

  • ARPG combat similar to Diablo and Path of Exile. You can use your environment to your advantage such as using lightening on water etc.

  • Full loot & open PVP (with some limitations depending on which world you are on)

  • Player run settlements going all the way up to cities

  • Guild territorial control and alliances

  • Crafting with the goal of every item being made by a player

  • Horizontal progression; no classes or levels, train the abilities that you like.

  • Resource distribution system which players exploit by transporting materials to markets where they are in demand.

  • Single server at the beginning until resources can no longer handle it

  • Individual Player Housing

Currently in alpha testing. Discord channel: Link

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Most recent Q&A pertaining to cities.

Twitch stream of the latest alpha release.



Not my thing, but thanks anyway.

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