Where's everyone going after EVE?

Now that the game is officially in it’s death throes.


I haven’t given up yet, but depending on what you like about Eve Online, you might like:

  • Albion Online- Full Loot PvP in designated zones, Player Driven Economy, class determined by gear worn
  • Sea of Thieves- I’m not sure, but I’ve heard other Eve players express an interest in it
  • Starborne- If Civilization was an MMO set in space
  • Elite Dangerous- Heavy PvE Focus
  • Dual Universe- Minecraft meets Eve Online (Note that the game is still in open beta)

I tried Albion. It’s a 2D playspace… and that’s okay except… the PvP mechanics are ruined by the mounting/dismounting cooldowns and stuff.

Starborne was cool.

I’ll check the others out.

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Here is a response from Elon Musk on the state of Eve’s future.

This should blow your mind for a while.


Oh, have I missed the official RIP announcement? As long I have fun in playing the game I don’t care.

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You just destroyed my mind.

Try this Elon Musk Rick GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

I am now vegetable.

I’m here for the long haul. My Omega extends into 2023 and I plan to renew.

I have lots of things of things still to do in New Eden.


The game has been in its death throes since 2006.

Poor poor game. Someone should really put it out of its misery.

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Probably Factorio or something idk.

Well they did say it’s 14 years beyond it’s best before date.

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I went down a long dark tunnel with a bright light at the end…where the ghosts of 50,000 past Eve players said ’ go back…it’s not your time yet ’


And in a place between the darkness
And the break of dawn
I found a ruined building
Filled with a strange congregation

They were singing a forlorn hymn
Their voices like a cracked orchestra
Fascinated, I ventured inside
In the half-light I scrutinized their faces
Their features were worn thin like old coats
Hung with the wounds of war
Drawn, hollow, bereft of certainty

For my mining addiction needs.

X series for other “sandbox” vibes

As far as MMO’s go I started playing Tibia again. For old EVE sub price I get three months of sub/premium…

I chuckled at this, because I watched @Mike_Azariah’s talk on game longevity from FanFest this morning.

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Glad they called that Rings of Saturn and not Rings of Uranus.

Since stopping EVE online, my only long-haul games have been World of Warships (more than two years, but probably now the game is FUBAR) and War Thunder (about a year and a half, maybe). Also have played other games for shorter periods, and tried some that didn’t stick.

There’s no real equivalent to EVE Online, neither to CCP Games as a games developer.

BTW, last time I estimated EVE Online’s demise to November 2023. Probably should skip to a later date but after 5 whole years without a sub and barely logging in into TQ I’m not that much interested with EVE drama. So now CCP is eventually launching a Spanish client, a mere 14 years after I first donwloaded the client and started it to this opening…

And now after Fanfest there’s some more “meh” and some “eventually” and some “o’rly”. To me, what a ride it was for 9 years, most of them bad-ish. Some memories are held. Also enough of a grudge to remind CCP that they will burn in hell for F-up Incarna. And then… there’s plenty fish in the gaming sea, more than I’d care to catch.

Here was mine:

It felt so good to login in those days.

And then this:


Stay clear of DU until they figure out if they are going to wipe their ‘persistent’ universe on launch or not. If people think that CCP is a horrible company, with terrible communication, huge price increases, unfulfilled promises, and general undependability… Boy are you in for a surprise! NQ is worse on all fronts then CCP (43% price increase for example), including success…

I’ve been playing it intensely (multiple accounts) since the start of beta, where they indicated that a wipe would be extremely unlikely, on April the 14th they made an announcement that now indicates that a wipe is pretty much a done deal, they are just deciding on how much they are going to wipe. We’re expecting everything, including skill points…