Alternatives to EVE Desert Online?

I’ve been looking… Hoping for a decent alternative to EVE Online for years, but have not found anything that comes close (having played EVE primarily as an industrialist/marketer/spreadsheet addict). Today’s news makes it more vital tha ever: Anyone know of a decent alternative to this game?

MMO-wise, it seems that nothing comes close.
Single player, about the closest we’ve gotten is x3 for space pirate/trader/industrialist/whatever (x4 is due out at some point, but after X Stillbirth, I’m not holding my breath).
For anal retentive logistics gaming, I’ve found Civ4 Colonization with Religion and Revolution mod scratches that itch, but it’s in colonial America, not a space game.
The various colonist-management style games (Dwarf Fortress, Gnomoria, RimWorld, etc) also scratch some of the itch.
There’s plenty of meh space 4x games and flight sims out there, but they’re all varying degrees of shallow with the real nitty gritty and micro management abstracted away (Distant Worlds is perhaps the closest we get to real micro management, but it’s clunky and awkward at best).
And then there’s Star Citizen. Kek.

Anyone know of any other games that scratch some or all of the EVE itch?

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Unfounded Panic is so strong with you… Can I have your stuff?

Dual universe was pegged as eve 2.0 but then it went full retard. They actively promote botting so it’ll be done abd dusted with 12 months.

Crow fall looks promising but it’s not in space

Dual Univers e is still approx 2 years away (2020) Jeez man chill out…barley in Alpha at this stage

Maybe Albion Online could be an alternative.
They orientated the game on Eve Online.

It’s kinda dead and crappy now lol

Not at the moment. SC is wayyyyys off, if ever and who knows how it will turn out, though it does have a glimmer of hope. On one of their recent verse videos they were talking about features (i forgot which) that are definetly being included in the game before launch, but their actual development will not start this, or maybe even next year due to preceeding features and mechanics that have to be done first. So that should give you some clue of the timeline here, and it aint promising …

Personally I can’t stand BDO, Lineage, Archage, any of those Asian style grinders really, as well as any of those Asian style botter / P2W games really. Tried and left them and for good reasons.

The only 2 games that are on the horizon that I’m looking forward to now are Assassin’s Creed Odissey and Cyberpunk 2077. But they aren’t MMOs, much less complex MMOs.

I was kinda hoping for Camelot Unchained, currently in beta and release is not far, but I won’t be able to play that since I log on at different times on different weeks or months due to work schedule, I simply won’t be able to play when my guild plays and that game is basically guild only or GTFO. I wouldn’t mind it since one of my old guilds from other games is going there, but I don’t wanna end up being 1 vs whole world when they’re not online and I will be.

So for me its a double problem, game has to be an MMO that I can partake in, but also have rock solid solo elements in it as well as not be bot or asian grinder based. P2W I can kinda deal with if its reasonable limited and focused on cosmetics and some QOL, but not gameplay statistical boosts.

So unfortunately, you’re stuck. There is just nothing currently on the market and not sure if what will be on the market will pan out.

You think EVE would have survived 15 years if it would have ever had any competition?


There is no alternative. The lack of competition is the reason why EVE still exists. If you like sandbox MMO in a scifi setting, you have to stick with EVE.

If Elite Dangerous grows some content soon I plan to regroup there.

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EVE Desert Online

Prophecy? :thinking:

Reality. Look at the barren wastelands of Null sec.

Check out SCUM

You can try an older game named “Star Trek: Bridge Commander”. It is a decent game.

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In about 10 years, star citizen may come out on early alpha. You could try that game.


10 years is optimistic.


is that the lan game
idk i saw a star trek lan game where you have 4 players on pc and each of you is a member of the bridge crew
kind of a cool idea

Good luck finding an alternative to EVE. I’ve looked at everything I can find and it’s all rather pathetic in comparison. If EVE ever perishes, I’m done with PC games. Everything else my family plays is on Xbox/PS4/PS3, we have them all (except Nintendo, lol).

I still miss the Captain’s Quarters. I loved being able to take a screen cap of me and my ship in the background. I used them for real life recruiting in brick and mortar Gaming stores to get people to try EVE. People love ships and a photo speaks 1,000 words. The detail is what sold them on it, not the Dev intensive videos in the Captains Quarters. You can remove the video screens and save the Dev time.

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