Second Galaxy

It’s an EVE clone no doubt but maybe that isn’t such a bad thing given the limited number of sandbox space mmos out there. Cross play on mobile too as well as one global server.

Is it possible to take a Fleet through a Wormhole to this Galaxy? Maybe we could drop Caps on them and show them Eve is boss ?

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5 seconds into the video, and I’m staring at a Dragoon… that turns into a space station. Then SoE, and a Ragnarok, the Minmatar station… Not sure if you’d notice if you hadn’t played Eve, but there are more than a few “similarities” in the look and feel. Some of it, yeah, space games all look like space, but not sure this isn’t a little too close.

Definitely visual similarities along with nation concepts. Still couldn’t hurt have a portion of this community colonize the game so we can influence its development.


It’s EVE Online 2.0.

But prolly super safety ■■■■.

PvP is accessible through most of the galaxy. There are some high sec areas where PvP isn’t allowed but like EVE the universe is pretty much open after reaching level 19. The idea is to smoothly transition players into the universe rather then just drop them straight in after a couple of tutorial missions.


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How boring. Props to anyone who puts in the unbelievable amount of hours to create a game like that, but, too safe.

I have heard it actually isn’t that long, level 19 is what you need to be in order to be able to PvP. The main quest will take you to level 30 if you want.

An EVE player gives it a shot and his impressions aren’t bad. It’s a closed beta test and its pretty much just the tutorial so there isn’t any endgame content shown. That being said it is releasing on STEAM in a few days so we will be able to judge for ourselves.

Jesus, it’s a mobile-friendly clone of EVE Online, even to the name!

(Because you old farts remember the whole name of EVE is it’s EVE Online: The Second Genesis, right?)

I nearly laughed when he got a mission to… yep… save a damsel in distress!

The cutscenes are cool-ish and the mobile-like interface to keep pushing fire button without cycling is meh.

But seriously, it’s a simplified clone of something between EVE Online and Galaxies.

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It even has pretty similar music to EVE.

Wow, someone actually copied EVE Online lol.

More information on PVP side: A lot of High Security space will be non PvP though there may be some areas where it’s allowed. Their community manager will get back to me on that. Lawless space and most likely low sec space will be restricted to any player below level 19 because until you get to that level you cannot pvp or be pvped. So its a nicer way to keep newbies from getting ganked.

Well at least now we can suggest that the forum whiners go check out Second Galaxy if they don’t like the idea of a miniscule risk of PvP.


In some ways this game is even less carebear than EVE; for example sov wars in EVE have timers. SG currently doesn’t so your alliances holdings can be attacked at any time.

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Mobile game, PvP safety for new players? Lol, no

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Considering a sizeable amount of the player base doesn’t even leave high security status its really not that different. It is both mobile/PC, both playing on one single server like EVE. Not to mention they are starting out with battles of up to 1000 players and that is probably going to increase exponentially over time. No time dilation either.

Yeah, EVE used to have no time dilation either. Instead the server crashed or one half of the battle got desynced. Not sure if no tidi is a good thing to have.

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Given that the game uses newer technology then what was around back then and has already been tested it will probably fair better than the current server infrastructure. This has been five years in the making so its not like the developers haven’t been planning for this.

And what technology would that be? “newer” doesen’t mean it can somehow magically scale to whatever numbers of players you throw at it. And what happens if you throw still more at it than it can handle?

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