Fraternity corps up north

Any frat/winter coalition corps recruiting USTZ players?

About me:
Have quite a chunk of assets. Super capital, couple rorqs with full mining support alts, jump freighter + regular freighter with cyno alts(I like to do jita runs), good research industrialists/producer, doctrine-capable main pilot main able to fly plenty of ships. 5 month goal to be in a titan. I also run abyss in high sec quiet system.

What I hope you are:
Not a renter
Group not restricted to a few small systems they’re allowed to do things in by their “dad” alliance
Active PVP roams/small gang/large fleet
Active Rorq mining ops/moon ops + solo mining
Cap umbrella for pve/pvp
Really prefer not drone space but maybe I’m just bias

Lot to look for I know

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