Freeport Flipping Ganks

The past few days Ive been watching a local Fortizar promote free port for travel purposes, then when juicy freighters come through they turn it off and gank the target. This seems like a mechanic that is not good for the game. Shouldn’t there some kind of cool down timer for free port switching? Say 5-10 minutes or something?

Welcome to EVE. Don’t jump your capital ship/jump freighter to a random “freeport”. If you don’t know this by the time you can fly a capital, you don’t deserve to keep a capital.


This, there are no freeports, unless you own it.

That said… I agree there should likely be some sort of basic mechanic in place to prevent abuse of this. But it’s not really a priority. I did have an alliance mate lose a JF this way as well. You can be sure he won’t make the same mistake again.

How is it “not good for the game”? I’ll agree that it’s not good for the freighter pilots, but the entire game?

EVE is a PVP game that relies on ships and gear being destroyed in order for the economy to function properly. The destruction of the freighters needs to continue, to keep the economy healthy. Also, this mechanic promotes PVP; people undocked and actually shot each other instead of playing station games or whatever. Content and fun were had, which is also good for the game.

It’s some nasty trick they are pulling since citadels were introduced, it’s a scam, most people won’t fall for it tho

Eve is, among other things, a game of trust. Interesting things only happen when we are vulnerable to each other. Having to trust that station owner will do what they say allows provides some small window of risk for jump freighter and other capital ship pilots who otherwise have zero risk moving around.

In fact, tethering makes things so safe I wouldn’t be surprised if CCP eventually gets around to adding a small delay to all tethering for jumping ships or other mechanic to add more risk to movement. But for now, a few people trusting the wrong person as the only real risk will have to do.

Its lame but will just have to live with it and take precautions.

why would people in eve EVER help someone when theres profit to be made and no punishment for conning and backstabbing.

5 years ago I’d have said HTFU or go play Hello Kitty Online, but today you’re about right since CCP is constantly dumbing the game down to accommodate players like yourself. EVE used to be harsh and unforgiving. Today it’s just another themepark protecting the stupid from harming themselves.

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There are. They are called NPC stations.

No one should ever use a citadel in a standard capital ship if they are not your own and if there are non-kickout NPC stations in system. If there are no non-kickout NPC stations in system, do not use the system. It’s simple.

Seems totally legit to me.

You dock up to a station in any space and once your docked your at their whim. If you thought about this in a non-game environment ( in a future where this is applicable ) it makes sense. Who is going to punish us, your corporation? They don’t release the docking clamps your ship cannot move. The only way to escape is to jettison your pod and get out.

Put a contract on that cit, have someone bash it.

That’s kind of how wars should start.

Seems like it’s working perfectly fine to me.

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