Freight Train Diplomacy [BOOM] is recruiting EU Corporations for nullsec

We are currently actively recruiting PvP-focused corporations in EU timezones to expand our combat capabilities. AUTZ and USTZ corporations are welcome as well, however we are currently focused on EUTZ.

BOOM is an established 0.0 sov alliance, holding space in Vale of the Silent. Our core is DOGFT, a long-time nullsec PvP corporation. We are a laid back group, enjoying shooting things and doing hoodrat ■■■■ with our friends.


We expect all corporations to be able to field mainline doctrine ships (Battleships, HACs, Logistics)
We encourage all line members to train capitals, and potential corporations with capitals are looked at favorably.
Supercapitals are a plus, but are not required. They do get used.
If you’re interested please contact Caric Mileghere (through evemail or as Dumpster_Squad#6408 on Discord) or join “BOOM Diplomacy” public channel in-game.

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Bumps in space

We are still looking

Bump for Boom

Join us

still looking

we have fun come pew pew with us :slight_smile:

Join the party

still looking come join us

Come drop blops with us

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Train dread alts


come fly with us

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