Freight Train Diplomacy [BOOM] is recruiting new PvP-focused corporations for nullsec

We are currently actively recruiting PvP-focused corporations in US timezones to expand our combat capabilities. AUTZ and EUTZ corporations are welcome to enquire, however we are currently focused on USTZ.

BOOM is a recently established 0.0 sov alliance, holding space in Vale of the Silent. Our core is DOGFT, a long-time nullsec PvP corporation. We are a laid back group, enjoying shooting things and doing hoodrat ■■■■ without a blues list or allies. While we have friends in 0.0, we do not have blues.


  • We expect all corporations to be able to field mainline doctrine ships (Battleships, HACs, Logistics)
  • We encourage all line members to train capitals, and potential corporations with capitals are looked at favorably.
  • Supercapitals are a plus, but are not required. They do get used.

If you’re interested please contact Mapache Doom (through evemail or as Mapache Doom#9191 on Discord) or join “BOOM Diplomacy” public channel in-game.

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