Freighters and Defenses

Why wont CCP allow freighters to be able to defend themselves? even the frieghters in Battlestar Galactica had defenses

Because you’d lose a lot of HP to compensate for combat capabilities that ultimately won’t help you defend yourself anyway. If you see how easily gankers pop Marauders, which are very well able to defend themselves, you realize that you will not thwart a gank attempt with a gun or two.

If you want to defend your freighter, bring more people with logi ships, ECM ships, combat ships to kill the gankers attempting to kill your freighter. That’s more effective and productive than any single ship combat capabilities.


„Why can’t I put a gun on my freighter“ joins the long list of…

„Why don’t sentry guns do more damage“

„Why doesn’t concord kill the attacker before they kill me?“

„Why isn’t high sec forced green safety?“

„Why can’t the catalyst do less DPS?“

„Why can’t it be more expensive to gank?“

„Why are criminals allowed to be in high sec at all?“

„Why can’t mining barges have more EHP?“


The answer is because the devs decided to make it that way.

Theres proper ways to have balance discussions but „because Spock in Star Wars had it to fight the Cylons“ is not the way.

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Thank you for being more respectful the Lo Koval was.

In theory it would be no problem to come up with a proper Fittling/Rigging concept for Freighters that allow active defense options like hardeners, ewar, cloak or whatever you can fit on other ships of comparable size. But you would have to adjust some base values to make sure they still cannot transport repackaged capitals into HighSec for example and not become overpowered in other fields. And that would mean: any Freighter on Autopilot would have to be much weaker than now, so that those fitted for tank and using active hardeners would be on todays level, while those actively overheating would be stronger. Now imagine what happens if you tell the 99% of afk-haulers that their beloved cargomules will get nerfed by 50%…

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