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So I started in the game with my first character 30 minutes ago. I am at that point when you get out of the station and fitted the first upgrades onto your spaceship. My friend downloaded the game too, and we wanted to play together.
Is it possible to see where my friend is or teleport to him? Maybe even play in coop with him?

Thanks, Levi.

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You cannot teleport to your friends in the sense of teleporting from other games. There are jump clones or death clones which you can setup in the same locations so that you can move to these locations. Other than that, you have to travel to your friends’ locations by gates, wormholes or by getting bridged through a titan or blackops.

You can organize with your friends in a chat channel if you do not want to join the same corp, or as a player corp. If you join the same player corp, you can see where your corp members are in the Corporation Management window or on the universe map (make sure you turn off the Test the New Map in General settings for a better map experience). If you only join a common chat channel, you can just link your locations there or join fleets to find out where your friends are.

You can easily play in coop with them regardless whether you are in the same player corp or not. Just some limitations apply in high security space. You can fly missions together, do exploration together, do industry and planetary production (formerly planetary interaction) together, and PVP together.

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Create a corp, become a CEO and let your friend join that corp. At least you will see where your friend was before he log off. For flying togather there is a thing called “fleet” in Eve online. Create a fleet, let him join it and you are ready to roam. Fleet members can warp directly to other fleet member if they are undocked and are in the same solar system.

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If not?

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join the same corp … thats the easy way and you can leran stuff from other corp members …


Is “creating a fleet” unlocked from the beginning or from a level?

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Than you can not warp to him.

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Is there a way to got into that other system?

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If not use the in game map to find his system travel there and then you can play together.

Also newbies don’t find or use the forums this fast but whatever

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That’s not true. I did.
I am kind of experienced in searching for help.
Pretty much what happened was, I just typed in Eve online and there was the forum. No biggie.


Already answered. Key of Eve gameplay is a communication. Team speak, discord, private in-game channels… Let your friend name the system he is in, set it as destination and game itself will guide you through the gates.

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Anyway that map has an option to highlight fleet can find your buddy using the people and places tab select character type the name then right click it form fleet.a fleet message channel will pop up your friend can also drag and drop his system name which is located top left area of screen in chat it’ll show up yellow as a link right click it set destination follow the highlighted gates after

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Of course! This is a MMO!

The simplest is to find your friend in the ‘search players’ window. Then add him as a contact and you can open a conversation with him and chat. These are accessible by right-clicking his name in the contact list or anywhere really.

Once you have done that, ask him to send you his location. He can type it in, and you can click the ‘A’ below the top right info that indicates the system and type the name in. He can also click-hold and drag the system name into your chat and it will appear as a link. Either way, right click on the name of the system and ‘Set Destination’. This will set your autopilot to get you there the fastest way.

Then it is just a matter of jumping from system to system until you meet up. The system you want to jump to will have its jump gate highlighted in your overview. Click on it, and select ‘jump’. Your ship will warp to the stargate and then jump to the next system. Repeat several times and you will arrive in the same system.

Here, you guys can meet up at a station or in space at a celestial, or you can form a fleet as was suggested which will give you the opportunity to warp to each other directly while in the same system.



The top left corner will indicate which system you are in.

Just search and open a convo with your friend, and drag and drop the solar system you are in, into the chat window. He can right click and “Set destination to” to get a path to get to the solar system you are in. Then, he would have to use the stargates and move across New Eden to get to you.

Anyone can create a fleet, the only limitation is the number of people in a fleet at one time, which is dictated by a skill that you need to train. Otherwise, for just 2 people, yes, it is unlocked and you can fleet up any time.

You can go to ANY system in EVE online. Well, i mean, some Systems are blocked off by CCP because they are used for testing and other shenanigans, but otherwise, there is no such thing as a restricted system or forbidden system. You just have to set the destination to your friends system, and follow the yellow-marked gates in your overview.

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