How do I find other players to play with?

Hello, im new player.

Doing missions in Alakgur system for agent Dadanur Iggadnur. Last night I had difficulty to complete a mission so a pilot helped me out.

early today I had once again hard time to complete a mission, but I dont know where/how to ask for help.

are they people around that system, is there a group finder like WoW so other/ I can help with missions?

Best to ask in local chat or help chat. Missions in general are solo content, so there are no groups doing it (except maybe as part of a corporation’s social activities).

The groups in EvE are called corporations, where players band together for common goals.

There are bigger PvE fights called incursions that require groups, but you need some experience with Battleships to join them. There you find organized groups without being in the same corp.

For T1-T4 missions, you may ask corpmates (for a newbro, being in a T4-Mission Fleet is a cool flush of ISK) or try the local chat. If you are in a starter corp, you may also ask in the corp chat.

Are you disposed to move to another system? I’m 18 jumps from your location and would like to have a pard with me

It can be tough to find content for multiple players in high sec. Eve is very focused on joining a corp/alliance to find people to play with. However- by fleeting up with other people you are able to immediately tackle much better content both in difficulty and also reward. It is like hitting fast forward on your progression.

You can try to cobble together some new players in the Missions chat channel to attempt harder content than you do alone. Try getting a couple people that normally do L2-3’s to try doing an L4. As long as you take out the scram frigs first you can always just warp out if it’s too much…so it’s low pressure.

But really you are going to want to find a corp/alliance. Take your time, and talk to several recruiters before joining anyone.
The benefit of joining a large group, like one of the big sov alliances is that they offer basically all the content available in Eve. We have the overall content of taking and defending sov, but the rest of the time we have sub-groups dedicated to things like mining, Incursions, Wormholes, defense fleets, testing doctrines and fleet mechanics, etc.
As far as I know all of the big sov alliances also offer things like training fleets on all manner of topics, free skillbooks and ships for new players, and doctrines designed for newbies/alphas. At least in GSF I know that we reward content creators as well. So being an FC is incentivized (and much appreciated by the rank and file).

Welcome to New Eden by the way.


I would recommend joining a Corp. There are plenty new player friendly corps out there. Just make sure you join one thats near you or somewhere you’re willing to move to and that they focus on what it is you want to do. PVP, Industry, Mining etc


Don’t forget one of the key guidelines for EVE: "Never trust anybody ever"

Make sure you gain things you value (ISK, fun, personal interaction) from any Corp you join. Be sure you get enough back for the time they use. If not, you should move on.

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Dear OP,

“Never trust anybody ever” is wrong. This comes from people who have trust issues and can not be trusted themselves. The whole game only works because people trust each other enough to work together.

Don’t let the paranoid, anti-social isolationists tell you otherwise.

They’re wrong.


i fully agree with Solecist
this is a MMO and you will like it if you get friends, or at least people to play with
you have to be initially cautious, but one day you will have to trust some people enough, or the game will be hard and not very fun


I would argue that it is wrong but also correct at the same time.

Like everything else in EVE, there is nuance.

Should you trust a random that private convos you and says, “join my group in low/null-sec… if you have any stuff you wanna bring, just contract it over to me and I’ll move it for ya.” ?

Should you trust a person who says, “hey, join my group out in low/null-sec. We will provide you with some free starting ships if you come out there. Here’s a map.” ?
You can reasonably trust this.
Mostly because you are being offered free stuff with the only condition being, ‘show up.’

Should you trust a person who want a 1v1 duel outside a station?
Not quite. See if you can add the condition that the fight happen in an asteroid belt… away from the station itself.

Should you trust someone you have been flying with for the last few months, saving their ships and having their ships saved by you, to scout for your cargo ship that is ferrying loads of goodies?
For the most part, yes. Rapport is a big deal here.
But always have a cache of stuff that no one knows about just in case your friend is playing the “long con” and takes “everything.”

In order to play a social game like EVE, you HAVE to trust someone at some point. But you should never blindly trust anyone.


The trust issue is real.

IMO if you ignore the trivia and look for fundamental constraints in EVE, the trust problem is one of the major characteristics of the game.

Along with Skill Points, the possibility of “owning” territory, and perhaps the high complexity of the internal market. I wouldn’t put “PvP” on that list - in that respect EVE isn’t exceptional.

EVE is like the high-throughput tourist areas you get in big tourist-friendly cities. All the locals who talk to you pretend to be a potential friend, then initiate a sophisticated sales pitch, and then turn out to be a clever thief.

Most people find a way to deal with this. Some enjoy it, others endure it, others avoid it. But anyone who assumes things are what they seem will learn an expensive lesson(s).

I don’t think an EVE player should ever trust anyone they don’t know IRL. But a careful player can enjoy it without trust. Some careful players anyway. Others don’t see the point of an MMO that fosters distrust and suspicion.

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