Looking for mission running Hi-sec corp or group (i didnt know where to post this)

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im an alpha might be omega if i want to i fly a vexor navy full alpha drone skills and i like to run missions for soe but im down to run with anyone in hs i dont like to die right now got very lil isk and im stuck running lvl 2 missions right now.

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There’s a Corporations app in-game that lets you search for corps, and there’s a Corporations Recruitment Center forum here where you can post that you’re looking to join a corp like that.

But keep in mind that the agent missions are pretty much designed to be run solo, and there isn’t much benefit to doing them with other people, other than the companionship. And EVE isn’t a fluffy bunnies and kittens kind of game; it’s PVP, and depending on the corp, you can get dragged into wars, or your corp mates can shoot you, steal your mission stuff, etc.

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That said, it can be fun and instructive to run higher level missions as a group using underpowered ships, lvl 4’s in cruisers for example.

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Yea that is what im looking for are maybe just a few people to Run lvl 3’s in cruisers Sence i cant solo them as an alpha

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I agree 100%.

That can also work with exploration combat sites too.

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hey i’m soloing lvl 3s in a caracal which i can use as an alpha. going well. just need to know the resistances to switch for the missiles. maybe try that? i think u would need to be caldari though.

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Hey mate, what time zone are you in?

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