Frig Escape bay delayed?

Has it been delayed? or what am I missing?

Also, months ago there was advertized that the warp tunnel was gonna be visually improved, that we would see the ship in it.
It was said that it would come “this winter”, and we are about to get into spring…

As I understand, it is not delayed.

It’s time to let you in on a new feature that will be arriving in late March as part of the Fight or Flight Quadrant, the Frigate Escape Bay.

Do either of you know the point of this update? I’ve not played in a few months. All the update seems to do is somewhat protect pods in NS from bubbles. I guess you can put an inty in there to further protect pod if you’re roaming deep and to get home quicker. Either way, why is there more protection for nullspace BS players? It’s so niche and probably took a decent chunk of time…

There was a big discussion about it, you might want to read that.

If I understand correctly, you cannot put Interceptors in this bay.


The idea seems to be, at least in my poor strategic mind, that if you are in a fleet battle and get killed early, you can now continue to participate, instead of just sitting there watching or running away.

yeah well, i’m also still waiting for the warp tunnel upgrade… is still gonna be deployed on late winter? cuz its 10 days away…

Bjorn Bee put a logi frig in and remote repped his own buffer fit battleship between fights.

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