Frontline PVP

Un4seen Developement U4D is seeking fresh blood for the blood gods to spill on the lines of our enemies. We are in Sev3rance and are apart of the Legacy Coalition. We are actively entrenched on the front-lines of the war effort. Our pvp Style is focused on small-med gang skirmish ware-fare where the skill of the pilot is key. Coalition level strat-ops also available if thats your thing too.

Primarily USTZ but a bit of EU as well

What we offer:
Dank PVP on all levels
Alliance SRP for fleet pvp
Places to farm/mine
A band of warriors that are family

NBSI ROE in Catch and NRDS in providence.

U4D4ALL in game chat or send a mail to Cj Allyn for screening.

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