Un4seen Development is recruiting for PVP and more in Null-Sec

Un4seen Development is looking for pilots interested in joining us for the nullsec EVE experience. U4D is an important part of the sov-holding Sev3rence (-7-) alliance. U4D and our friends in Trust Doesn’t Rust (TDR) form the backbone of -7- PVP fleets.

U4D is a PVP corporation. Not a PVP pilot? That’s ok as long as you’re willing to learn and participate. Besides home defense fleets, we often fly in coalition and allied coalition fleets and roams. We offer a Ship Replacement Program for fleets.

When not participating in fleets, -7- space offers excellent opportunities for industry, mining (including moon mining), exploration, ratting, and running escalations. -7- offers direct access to hisec from nullsec, and we are only 13 hisec jumps to Jita.

U4D is most active in the US time zones, with EU as our second most popular time. Having said that, all time zones are welcome. Even when U4D is less active, you’ll be able to find fleets with our coalition allies.

U4D pilots are very helpful. We have very experienced veteran pilots who are enthusiastic about helping newer players. We are a “real-life first” corporation, and taking care of your health and family have priority over a video game.

We are looking for:

-PVP and PVE players. (PVE players need to be willing to learn PVP, and we’ll help you do it.)
-Omega accounts—even if low in skill points. We are happy to teach you.
-Mumble (with a mic) and willingness to join us on comms.
-Access to Discord for Corporation, Alliance, and Coalition information.
-Willingness to be a good teammate.

U4D offers a mature, respectful, and drama-free environment. We welcome players of all backgrounds.

Join our in-game public channel “U4D4ALL” , our public Discord channel, or shoot me an in-game mail if you have any questions.


Recruiting still open

Recruitment still open.


Recruitment still open.

Recruitment still open.

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