FRT EN - Migrating from Oasa to Vale - Campaigns from 2020 Onwards

Just to reiterate; the campaign leaders from Vindicitive, Evictus AND Ferra Victrix, are now all working together in GTC.

If only the other alliances in legacy formed into another single large alliance pre war, Test wouldnt have been able to pull their fuckery so often. Also would have given them the power to pull the plug on the stagnant war, let Test collapse faster and retain SOV.

Perhaps FiRe will learn this lesson.

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Thank you for the bumps to keep this thread alive :heart:

WinterCo released two updates in the last few months addressing the numbers disparity and welcoming our brothers Siberian Squads:

Coalition Update - 18th December 2022

Today we welcome the latest addition to winter co. Siberian Squad has been both enemy and ally throughout our history. Their infamous leader Hanzo Viper, like him or not, is considered a competent fleet commander with an equally rich experience in space pixel paper pushing. After a series of unfortunate events in the Imperium they seek a new home. While I don’t argue for either side as Asher will have done what he must, I still feel inviting SBSQ will grant us objective advantage in both the war ahead and long term stability of the power balance in the game. We are escorting their fleet through neutral space right now and they will come to us with the keepstar chain shortly after.

With this rare break I devote myself to writing an EVE ping. I want to put out a few thoughts about the war for which you will no doubt l have a mixed feelings and ourselves in the long term.

The war is not ending. I myself didn’t even start any personal effort. I had to abruptly leave one month in until now. The game has never seen a war like this before because it will burn very slowly but surely. Our neighbour knows we absolutely don’t want them in fade/deklein. We admit we don’t have the strength right now to make visible progress on map. Little will they confess GTC FC team is on their third shift now and Brave completely doesn’t have any substitution for the burnt out FCs. Hostile lost 3 medium structures just this week; they haven’t killed any forward deploying citadels in six months; their sole basis for claiming Noraus has yielded is that they stopped hearing from me.

Regarding ourselves, we stopped demanding warfront progress because it was obviously hurting us. The mistakes are ultimately on me. It will take another update to explain but as of today’s event: For several years we rejected alliances who wished to join the coalition because I felt hesitant to promote winterco in all timezones as disarming the blocs was the trend.
As a consequence, EN was at a disadvantage all the time. Never again. We are going to expand in coalition numbers. We are going to be tougher but wiser on internal management. We are not going to keep dependency on a single timezone to strong arm, but sufficiently independent to accomplish any goals EU/USTZ feel like with their own might. Winterco is recruiting new member alliances from now.

Military Update - 10th January 2023

Hello, Brave+GTC had an announcement that they will consolidate into fade+deklein, along with other consolidations that they did not explicitly say yet.

Their de facto coalition status has long existed for now; brave members are familiar with GTC service and FCs so that’s nothing new. One particularly eye-opening decision is that they prioritize their holdings. Pure blind is not considered a must defend area anymore. Starfleet gave Brave Fade region in exchange for them to keep functioning, therefore ensuring the survival of his own alliances.

With the enemy’s new strategy besides a rumour of new wars coming, I think we need to reiterate our position on the current conflict. Hopefully our new members will understand since the war happened before you were here.

GTC was our neighbour for two years before the war. We managed to reach certain mutual understandings that kept our peace. The war only started because GTC was becoming a hideout of our enemies when they chose to expand. These people were joining fc teams where they muddled public opinions about us. Alongside GTC key geographic location, this was about the only risk that matters in the next few years. Fade is the most important region in the northwest. The owner of DO6H can solely dictate whatever agenda he promotes up to Branch.

Brave Collective
Sadly we carried out the military solution preemptively assuming Brave would be friendlier. That was a mistake for trusting Shattered Armor. Dunk thought it would be a shame to have their names tagged with us. Not because we did anything wrong to Brave any time in our history before, but the public opinion favoured GTC on the platform where most English speaking players are on. He cared for his feathers very much. It was merely disappointing but it went personal when on Trash Talk Tuesday Shattered talked about how they were pretending to be friendly only to get a safe passage out of Geminate. My problem with SFC is strictly all in-game, but for Brave mil command I found him unbearably despicable. They exploited the community’s sympathy as a weapon. At least I pay mercs, instead Brave expects freebies by shouting we are classy and tiny. Now they have embraced the bloc path so I wish them the best with fantastic leadership.

Once BTC de facto was formed months ago, there was no way to fight against their number on a regular basis. We were lucky BFL was deployed in this area and more conveniently their contents aligned with our objectives sometimes. That summarised the entire agenda if our enemy was so desperate to picture one. I can’t think of any benefits for panfam to support us directly in this war. Our collaboration in Venal is under the very guidelines of our foundational NIP that Venal is a mutual backyard where we two defend collectively.

Coming next
Many strong null alliances are mobilizing so we will be on our high alert of what will come in literally a few days. This could be rather dangerous or entertaining or both. We all need to be ready.

Winter coalition
Our newest member SBSQ doubled the EUTZ fleet size. For two consecutive weeks we managed several objectives on western front. I am equally envious while cheerful that the chemicals are working out all without me. FCs are reporting our home front fleets are never more efficient. The front line sees both numbers growing and special roles filled. If you think of how hard it is to build such momentum with the established groups pressuring us, the accomplishment is simply marvellous. It’s a group effort which I can name you a few right now but it won’t be fair for those I did not witness. Keep in mind we are not bound to one front at any time either. If Northwest provides sustainable content we will keep doing what our members like, or anywhere in the game where the opportunity is ripe. The war objective will always be enjoying our games better than our enemies do.

Since the addition of Siberian Squads to WinterCo, we have been able to kill 3 of the structures GTC planted in Branch:

However; all WC Fortizars still remain in Fade, see the above post from 2022-07-01:

Hey @BJK

I find these things interesting to read. What do I miss though is Frost on Twitch with general update on ongoings in Null.

I know Frat has a really large international population but how do you think the change in CCP, blocking China from Tranq, will impact Frat (If any because VPN exists).

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Then you are on wrong part of the forum this news are basicli a joke to keep moral. They loosing small structures every week same as we mostli cause nobody care about them and dont want to ping everything to defend 2B small structure thats replaced literary next day.

They didnt kill a single fort in 6 months … even the one in middle of theyr terytory.

All theyr forts are set so we can kill them since everybody sleep. So nobody care its just empty structures whit 0 strategic meaning.

Same problem is on theyr side they cant kill anything valuable since they whud have to stay up awake to like 3 -6 AM 2 times in the row.

Trust me you wont get enought people to do that more then once second time you will get half and cant take a fight so it reps.

Thats why they crambling and batphoning entire universe to fight for them. For 6 months we already see lot of groop including PAPI trying to remove us cause frat is totali inept.

Not a single ground was lost and now frat is basicli alone since nobody want to fight for them anymore.

Im mean there were good groops fighting for frat making realy good progress but frat never came to finish it and even spit on those groops who were helping them. Some of them even switched sides cause of that.

Fact is that we dont even try to remove theyr structures since they are no threat.

In mean while they scrambling theyr entire population to destroy 2B worth of Astrahuses thats reaplaced literary next day. Burning theyr people out literary for nothing just to say they did something.

Im mean HORDE did something they disrupted our entire network they killed lot of small structures. They had us runing letf and right.

And where was a frat ??? Siting on theyr buts and farming isk. So thats why they cant do any progress at all. And thats why all of theyr alies eventuali pack up and leave cause why fight for somebody who dont apreciate you and use you as cannon fother so they dont need to admit they are toothless.

That is factually incorrect. Fortizar | Reaper's Deepspace Assembly | Killmail | zKillboard

The helped us kill a fort this morning. Since it is a bad timer for BlackFlag.

But I don’t understand why you chose to have verbal diarrhea in this forum thread which has been basically a none combative or in general a badly written forum thread. I find the working around from one of the null FC an interesting read, even though I shoot at them everyday. Well… only when we are not busy with TTT fleet.

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Sure, but your intention from the start was to troll in this thread. I dunno what Frat did to you to make you this way.

But I guess it on par for most threads on these forums to devolve into dribble because people cannot contain themselves.

You cant troll on troll thread :slight_smile: basic intention of the frat guy was to propaganda troll…

Show me please where the truth touch you.

If you troll people you get trolled. Its simple as that.

If you write bad propaganda and post TROLL killmails of 3th party fort nobody even know about as WE KILLING YOU.

Then whos trolling lol.

Dont be salty and actuali do something … im mean go and ref C4C keepstar… THAT WHUD BE SOMETHING!!!

Coalition Update - 24th January - Noraus

Hello Winterco time for some updates.
This update was meant to respond that Drone region along with INIT decided to wipe Fire co leadership out from the south. Every leader involved held his own agenda but their common despise to XIX CEO has made it possible.

We had no particular interest in the whole thing at all. Though I did reflect our stance on rental programs and our relations with the med-small alliances in the game.

Ever since we opened up alliance level recruitment the members alliance demand more area to place their pilots. As a result we cut down our rental area for the growing needs of our own members. Unlike some people who believe rental is the genuine sin of the game, our customers have been closely associated with us for years. Some players simply prefer private aloofness and are willing to pay a small amount for that. Their contribution to Winter is very less so a financial revenue. We did conclude a high unit price would very likely result in bottings. Therefore Arrow created a scheme that allows our selective renters to contribute not just with isk, hence avoid pushing them to pay beyond their reasonable capability. Valuing our relationship with these people, Arrow and I met our renter ceos last week to discuss their future. We decided we would stop inviting any new customers for the foreseeable future, relocate the long-term customers further away from the front line. Unlike other blocs who held a truly vast amount of systems our member to system ratio is about 180 pilots per system.

Regarding medium-small sized alliances, you all know I dislike some of them. I even wage a war to evict these particular people. However as much as the medium-small alliances criticise us I recognize our ecosystem will fail without them. The game needs more than nullsec paper pushing with dodgy politics. After Fire was under attack before they made the newest decision to move north against us, I offered their members one-time support to stay in the south. We pledged our unconditional support not to raise future proxies but because the south would be truly vacuum otherwise. The damage to the ecosystem in the south would take years to revive if people left. With the same principle I welcome anyone to reside in Pure Blind as long as our sov is safe from the dwellers. I care for my coalition as much as I do for the game. If my coalition is threatened because of certain entities we will evict them. It’s not contradictory that I want them to thrive elsewhere.

Now that the situation is indeed moving fast. Within a week Fire declared they will join BTC which made this yet to be named new coalition bigger than winter co on paper. From our source Fire co is promised space in the Branch region, which they plan to take it from us.

We are no strangers to XIX, who were supporting Legacy in the Detorid war when they invaded us. After our bitter past was dissolved by time and we had repeatedly carried their cntz against imperium, it seems XIX with fireco is our enemy again. I’ve been waiting for a new world war. Delve was challenged, Drone remains geographically impossible, the only untested bloc is us. We are now witnessing the first real eviction attempt ever since 2017. It’s been seven years and they are back.

Needless to say we have grown so much ever since, but defending against another bloc which BTC+Fire clearly is now takes much preparation with careful plans. A friend said ‘may you live in interesting times’ to me yesterday. We are indeed at a complicated crossroad where both dangers and opportunities lurk around.

You all witnessed our new found strength ON GRID with people stepping up for critical roles. We are training this EN team to continue battle hardened. There was several opportunities we missed when we hired Bigab or when BFL was around. This time when the whole game is focusing on Pure Blind again (last time was 2 weeks ago), we gonna seize the opportunity to sharpen our skills.

CNTZ will now feel the burden of sov/structure defence as what they design for. Honestly many of our old vets are resubbing for this because CN haven’t had any real content after wwb2. They will rebuild the rusty muscles, we will take losses initially while we get used to war again, and finally we gonna evict whoever lives in Fade together.

Konstantine has nothing personal against us. We still turned down their request to join Winter co knowing they would go for BTC and SFC would be too scared to reject. There are many reasons behind this. Among which I can tell you is that Fire doesn’t share the same values with us; their culture is quite different. Also apparently so far no small alliances have made up their minds about staying in the south. These small guys still crave no risks but a shepherd. We will prove Konstaintine’s decision wrong as we will break his new lord and send his alliance on exodus again.

There are at least two things we will adjust in response to the threats. The healthy flow of our doctrine markets and doctrine fitting improvements. We will not add new ships any time soon but some fittings are waiting for upgrades. I anticipate we will run through doctrine ships very rapidly so our war factories you better be running at full steam.

General War Update - 25th January 2023

Over the last few days, BTC have CTA’d 5 times.

The first CTA was against a Guristias Sotiyo, which they won.
The other 4 were against WinterCo; which they lost 2 and stood 2 down without contesting.

Since then, BTC have chosen to absorb FI.RE (formerly holding 9 regions themselves) into their “Last Independent Coalition In The Game”, and have been promised Branch.

WinterCo is days away from engaging in a full-on defensive war; our victory will allow us to watch what happens when bad leadership tries to compress 22,000 pilots into two regions.

Here you go finali after 6 months some actual win lucky one but win !!!

GOOD JOB "! Finali im can say something good about frat…

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hmm i didnt see fire moving north but i wouldnt take the new B2 serious unless fire reforms into BL0B or XIX. If they dont i just means they refuse to acknowledge the true meta and this is easily exploitable for victory.

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