## Fuel Block Manufacturing [Nullsec] --- Ice Miners and P.I. Guru's welcome to Join Incipience

Incipience, is currently enlisting Ice Miners and P.I. geeks for the Fuel Block Industry.
We are members of Shado Ultimatum Alliance which is part of The Imperium Coalition.

Incipience is a tight knit group, we are that classic mining corp with a good sense of humor and a willingness to help each other out. We are goal oriented and dedicated to the task of becoming one of the best Fuel Block producers in our region.

Since we are a NullSec Indy corp, we offer all that comes along with Nullsec Mining life:

  • Mining Fleets with boosts
  • Ice buyback ( 90% Jita )
  • P.I. buyback ( 90% Jita )
  • Industry Market seeding
  • Frieghter Transport to Jita

A Time for Fun:
PvP is a part of Nullsec life, since we are part of the Imperium we have full access to:

  • PvP and PvE
  • Small Gang PvP Roams & Gate Camps
  • PvP Subcap & Cap - Alliance and Coalition Fleets
  • Alliance SRP for Fleets
  • Wormhole access, Wormhole lifestyle
  • 10% Tax Rate on PvE

Real Life comes first, we know this, so our expectations are not unreasonable. We are an older crowd so drama is not what we do, we do expect team work and the ability to focus on the task at hand. If we say it, we do it.

What we require:

  • 5 Million SP
  • Highly Motivated Team Player
  • Discord ( communication is a must )
  • Mumble ( Fleet Comms is a must )

Contact us on our Discord: https://discord.gg/ajNZUnCGty
See you in Space


Exhumer?, We dont need no stinking Exhumers

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Give me those Isotopes

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The List of bands Contemporary, Easy, Heavy and Alternative Rock, from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s.
Starts here with My all time Favorite Band:

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The Man, The Myth, Joe Cocker . . . I was 5 years old when Woodstock happend, wish I was there . .

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I was lucky enough to do Audio for this man at a corporate event on Nantucket back in the 90’s
The Great; Richie Havens,

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Steve and Eric doing that Blind Faith thang . . .
That look Eric gives Steve at 00:37, you know they played this song like a gajillion times but it brings back that memory . .

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The Mac 1997

Will Fleetwood Mac be joining us in Null Sec?
asking for a friend

I joined so can you!

IMHO, the best solo album Sting has made to date… Ten Summoners Tales:

No Fear, BOC

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