Fund a bug in the highsec moon mining mechanics

i start scan down all highsec moons and found a strange thing. i ask this, coz there is no logical answer.

Why do highsec moons contain ABC ore? Are there also r64 moons in highsec?
As i can remember: ABC ore are Nullsec (WH) ore. is this not a bug in the game mechanics?

Is the game mechanics not broken, when you can mine ABC ore in highsec, with nearly zero risk.
if you look logical at the game mechanics, should highsec moons not contain highsec ore

No, this is intended. Highsec (and wormhole) moons contain ABC ores and the lowest tier moon ores (R4s I guess in the old nomenclature?).

Whether this was a mistake in game design is another question. Given the choice was made by a certain design team, and at a time when CCP was still trying to bribe players to keep playing the game by showering them with wealth, I think it might have indeed been a mistake for the long-term health of the game.

Still, it’s been in the game too long to change now so nullsec ores and moon goo in highsec is now a thing.

I do not think that mining in high sec has that much of an influence compared to old null sec mining. Domain is the first high sec/low sec region in the top ten regions, everything else is Null sec, and even more interestingly it’s mostly Goon space. You have to stack a lot of HS/LS regions to get anywhere near Delve+Querious numbers. And this is after Blackout.

Besides the wealth shower … Was it not the other intention of CCP to remove static belts and give players these moon belts instead?


well with multiple NPCs destroying the belts and gankers, the people that understand moon mining have moved to moons, i still find others that think moon mining is extremely dangerous.

just wondering if this was a bug

Please don’t use the “R” values for moons. Its highly inaccurate now and could confuse newer players.



Should we stop using all slang terms then for the sake of the precious little newbies? I fail to see how it’s inaccurate. R64 directly corresponds to “exceptional”, R32 to “rare”, R16 to “uncommon”, R8 to “common”, and R4 to “ubiquitous.” Like, I know that some people disagree with the HTFU mentality but arguing that new players shouldn’t have to learn the lingo is ridiculous.

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It’s not the lingo, though. It’s the old lingo which is no longer relevant or accurate. It’s called adaptation.

There are some moons that have exceptional and ubiquitous, and any other combos, so the “R” designation no longer applies. There are also fantastic moons that have high value asteroid ore and crap moon ore.

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