Future Commanders - PvE/Industry Focused corp - Now Recruiting

Future Commanders, PvE focused corp, is recruiting pilots (new/returning and old alike) that are interested in:

● Mining (Ore, Ice and Gas) including Moon Mining
● Mission Running
● Exploration (Relic/Data sites)
● Ratting
● Small form PvP
● And any other isk making opportunities

What we offer you:
● A very chill environment with plenty of people ready to help you when you need it
● Mature leadership with a very clear goal in mind.
● Ready to fly fits for all gameplay areas that eve has to offer.
● Lots of opportunities to make isk.
● Specialized structures for Manufacturing, Research, Reprocessing, etc at very low tax rates.

About Us:
● Formed a few months ago, actively started recruiting about 1 month ago.
● Rapid growth, having some of the most awesome and fun people to be around.
● Self sustaining corp. We have everyone we need to be able to keep growing and offer members content to do.
● We don’t impose “membership” costs or anything of that sort.
● We nurture a very open discussion channel between the members and core leadership. We are always open for any type of discussion.
● Located in HighSec (0.5 security) with easy access to low sec, missions, signatures and close proximity to Dodixie (Trade hub).

Join our public channel: Future Commanders Lounge or hit us with a in-game mail and add the following people as recipients: Akhlis Ketsuki, Atraxx Robustus

Fly safe o7

Still recruiting.

up up to the sky~

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