According to the marketing material.

The reality is that this supposed plan was never realistic, beyond the technical issues (which could have been solved) the simple fact is that it was a dead-end idea that was only worth investing in if CCP was going to get 90% of the work for free. The fact that they published some marketing material means nothing, we all know that companies lie in their marketing all the time.

The untold reason for removing Captains Quarters - it was a thorn in CCP’s side, a sore spot that always reminded them of a complete failure.

A beta version of a feature crashing is a technical issue that can be solved by throwing more developer time at it. Even if it requires major engine changes that’s still very much a possible task as long as there is a plausible path to a viable feature. Dumping the concept entirely only makes sense if CCP was starting from a position that WiS only has value if it is a “throw some EVE assets into the WoD engine” side project with little or no inherent value.

And along with everything else, let’s just conveniently overlook the fact that Captains Quarters was removed 3 years later after WoD was canceled.

I don’t need to overlook anything. WiS remained after WoD was cancelled because it didn’t require any ongoing effort to maintain. Even if only ~5% of players were ever using it that’s still 5% of players kept happy for free. There was no need to actively work to remove the feature until maintaining it required a greater amount of work, at which point it was promptly removed.

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Bold words from the person who thinks that CCP cut a promising feature just because the beta had some stability issues.