There are much ways to improof EVE Online as there are so much options to Expand the Game.
I Focus here on 3 heavy Points im personaly interesed in:


So here is the first topic:

Raids will be creaded for 5 Player Fleets
Huge Gates surrounded by Huge Defense Turrets will be creaded to access to the RAID instance.
Every Gate gots a Neon Sign that gives informations bout the RAIDNAME and STATUS.

Gate types:

5 players arive infront of a yellow gate. the gate i surrounded by heavy laser guttlings slowly moving and targeting empty space. a neon sign says: attention: conflict zone security personal only. the pass to this gate is given by the questgiver npc that is working for the caldari milita, he can be found at an outpost locaded in the forge. after doing some security missions for caldari this npc sells u a gatepass that works for all 5 members of a groub, so back to the yellow dark shynie gate the 5 players are infront of. they decite to jump in and as they arive their ships are freezed. as the last ship arives the players will be warped into a battlefield. a huge caldarian titan just falls into a fireball right infront of the players and a communication console opens: this is admiral lasar. all caldari forces fall back and gather to the new position as a fleet of caldari passes the players ways a new task will be given: follow and escord the caldari fleet commander and a blue tag targets a special looking caldari battleship u see alot of fire and npc fights while the destination point is tagged at space. a point between the in half broken caldarian titan while the fleet is under fire. next that all enemys are cleared the caldari admiral thanks for the coorperation and asks if u want to clear remaining enemys on the feeld. if accepted a new warp point will be unlogged. this scene also has space for a bossfight next to the first or second clear… anyway instance: compat/conflict zone: 200%bounty 200%reputation pay for caldari milita limited weapons with special firecolor but no stats then regular caldari weapon systems. or a slightly boost of stats but low item pool and low drop chance (raid rules)

5 player arive from a green gate surrounded by heavy laser guttlings… a neon sign says: gate 05 industriual sektor Genon 5
as the player jump trough the portal noting happens and the ships are freezed.
as the 5th and last member arives in the instance a com console opens and the head of the station baron gardes says: damn thoes place is overrunned by sneaky pirates. if u would help out on the station i reward u with a large ammount of credits. just speed up that scum rates seems to overrun our position… next to this a video sequence with a path to the station will be shown (optional i know videosequences would distrupt eve to much) now the 5 players need to travle to a base may 5 minutes away from the gate while getting attacked by scouts. as they arive the squad of the local security will be bombed by the just warped in pirate leader ship ohohoho BOSSBATTLE next to this clear they get a new warp-destination (warp destinations will get unlocked next to complete a task, warps inside a instance is a new warb system) so they arive to a seccond base to clear some scout pirate scum there and then the mission is finnished and they get instantly warped out and infront of the instance gate. i could descipe hundrets of thoes cenarias with diferent bosses races and tasks just i gues thoes stuff could be an awesome addition to the game

5 player arive from a gate surrounded by heavy laser guttlings… a neon sign says: gate 09 WARNING: INVESTATION
as the player jump trough the portal noting happens and the ships are freezed.
as the 5th and last member arives in the instance a com console opens and General Zyra yells: We need assistance at the power core! We get attacked by an unknown Thread. Thoes things seems to bebiological so make sure u load some bioweapons in ur launchers. Hurry up it seems they gather again to prepare a new attack. A new warp point will be unlocked and the player arive on a station that fires all turrets through a swarm of unknown enemys. Multible securety NPC ships are alrdy inbound (friendly) until the players get attacked and inbound into a fightscenaria. Next to the first waves of swarm falls a swarm motheralien appears (tripple battleship stats and size). General Zyra is in rage: I DONT KNOW WHAT THIS THING IS BUT WE HAVE TO TAKE IT DOWN. All focus on the new target. The swarm mother will be market as it sends a huge EMP signar that distruptes the weapons for a short time.
After the fight is over the players get Loot: Blueprints for Biochemical Ammunation (Rockets and Shells)
The first players who battle this boss basicly need to battle it with normal weapon classes.

So this 3 Types of Raidgates are included into a RAID Concept.

So here is the second Topic:


As there was alrdy content for this i just say: do it again.
First unlock the Walk into station as it alrdy was but there must be some changes:
The habitat should be coosy and give the players a home. The TV show that was given just shows some cororperation advertises and the highest bounty.
When u walk though ur station and it shows just the highest bounty players it makes sick and depressive. Replace the TV shows with some comics and funny short films. This gets u away from the outsite scum noise and gives a chilly stimulation.

Next to this a second room will be added: The crew-room

Here players can invite friends to join their habitad for a maximum of 5 Players.
There are multible activitys the players can do like: trade, emoticons , and a tablegame i just need to invent. When the server struggles with the different people logged in and out on so many stations there should be just special stations in count of a total of 20-35 that allows to rent or buy a habitad. A habitat can be rent by 790.000. ISK a month or buyed for ISK.
The owner is also able to change some indor color settings and choose between 10 different background musics or get more music packs in the EVE store.

As there are new metropoles that will be creaded on just the centers of the universe in count 5.
Thoes metropoles gives space for maximum 100 Players each instance.
U will found quest npcs, traders and alot of other offers.


Instances are a new Experience of Eve online: Some quests leads u Complexes and Sations that can be entered with docking at. U can enter them alone or with Crewmembers up to 5 Players.
New items will be cratebl to wear on thoes missions like: Body-Shield generator, Weapons and Itemscanners. The Instances contain Lootboxes and other Items that can be scanned, unlocket and looted.
In the Future its also possible to add NPC dreads on thoes Stations

Docking Process

Inner Instance Floor

The Instances and Stations to walk trough are pretty small with large Floors and Dark areas. U better get some light with.

Other things i currently think about:
Other items that are included in new context:
-biologic warhead missiles
-magnetic shield-passing missiles
-ship tatoos / Stickers (can be placed over a regular skin)

i hope u guys like this Thread and it would mean much if u support with some feedback and votes
grettings NOVA Andromedan //


Go back to playin WOW, please…

I appreciate your hard work and drawings. But this is not a direction EVE should go.

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I gave you a like for thinking of ways outside the box to make Eve better but unfortunately CCP doesn’t have the programming skill or the incentive to do it.

Their current plans seem more along the line of making changes and adding content that chases players away which will ultimately destroy this game.


Programming skills are not that requiement. They alrdy managed the walking and to add some movements and weaponsystems is not a big deal at all

The direction is not the problem. Its an adition of possibilitys. It doesent mean u can play eve as u want sitting in ur ship and getting blasted or just doin what ever u do in eve. A rp addition just gives more players more freeroom to do what they want. I cant understand ur statement in any point. Just because a game is bout quests and walking its not world of warkraft. or did u fear to loose the gameplay of eve? i never sayd something bout delete content or stuff ur comment is such unnecessary


There will be no changes for the game

There will be just additional content so nobody gets interrupted playing eve as he/she wants to play

Thoes options are significant to increase the radia of new players that might join the game so…

new experiences that NOT ,destroy" the game at all

RAID doesent mean world of warcraft so pls read befor add comments

CCP published an extensive Devblog as to why Walking in Stations was a problem for them to maintain. They couldn’t simply leave it running untouched. It required continuous upkeep but was a feature less than 1% of players used - this is why it was removed. Too much manpower for too little benefit.

EVE does not need more instanced content, particularly larger than the groups it already has. If you have more than three people for a three-player frig co-op, then do a roam in the open-world and do existing PVE sites or do PVP, you literally have 4+ people with which to do it at that point.



I actually wouldn’t have much of a problem with WiS, but that has been talked about A lot and that ship has sailed.

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10/10 effort. Yeah, it’s the same old generic ideas underneath it all but look at the MS paint effort. This shows a level of care for your art that too few people appreciate, and IMO it is a strong candidate for best trolling attempt of 2020.

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Yeah, gave you a like for the effort, but instanced content goes over like a wet fart with much of the playerbase, and, like Archer said, walking in stations was barely used and took up a lot of dev time.

I think Archer misrepresented the reasons why the CQ was removed.

Sure, CCP stated a bunch of reasons why it was removed but they bypassed the main reasons why it was hardly accessed - lack of content and poor programming by CCP. The maintenance upkeep on it was actually negligible and CCP even stated they could redo it for 64-bit but decided their programming time was better spent on other stuff.

New content that isn’t in line with the current spirit of the game could, even if it doesn’t touch the current game in any way, take away players and developer time away from the current game. And that’s not somethink I’d like to see.

I appreciate the effort in your post, but if you want to play with your feet on the ground with small squads in a futuristic universe, there are lots of other games that may scratch your itch. I rather like Warframe myself.

It’s not realistic to expect EVE to do a good job at providing a gameplay experience on a level close to those other games that focus on that as their main gameplay, while EVE itself has a completely different gameplay.


this belongs in player fan fiction

No, the correct reason that it was removed is that CCP ended their WoD project. WiS was never meant to be a real project in EVE and everyone who spent a few minutes thinking about it knew this. It was a dead-end concept that would never produce anything of value, its sole reason for existing was to be a test bench for the WoD engine. All of CCP’s plans for expanding WiS depended on having all of the development work done by the WoD team, so that all they’d have to do in EVE is throw together some art assets and call it done. It still wouldn’t add much of value to EVE, but at least it would be very cheap to add it. But once WoD development ended WiS had no further reason to exist, and as soon as the existing WiS content faced a requirement to invest developer time there was no point in keeping it.


Right now, CCP is attempting to right the EVE ship from years of poor design choices and dev directions.
It has not been a smooth sail and they have their hands full at the moment.


To be perfectly honest, your opinion is nothing more than speculation.

As if anyone not employed by CCP (and likely under NDA) has anything but speculation? My speculation at least lines up with the obvious game design constraints that made WiS a doomed project that only made sense as a test bench for WoD. It is possible that CCP failed to understand this and genuinely supported WiS as its own thing, but that would be a pretty stupid way of doing things and it seems unfair to CCP to dismiss the theory that they made rational business choices as “mere speculation”.

I think it would be wild speculation to think that CCP makes any rational business choices at all.

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And what if it is speculation?

It is the most logical speculative reason I have seen that explains both the introduction and abandonment of WiS.

Avatar gameplay was one of CCP’s goals for turning Eve Online into a Virtual Reality Sci-Fi Simulation. Obviously you weren’t here back during the Summer Of Rage or you’d know after that fiasco CCP tried to implement WiS into Exploration Hacking sites. Their plan was to have it be a semi-secluded instanced site that would allow access to a small amount of characters. Unfortunately when they added more than 2 characters, the system would crash and since they couldn’t get it to work properly they abandoned it.

The untold reason for removing Captains Quarters - it was a thorn in CCP’s side, a sore spot that always reminded them of a complete failure. As long as the Captains Quarters was active in-game, players would continue asking for WiS content. To get rid of their embarrassment, CCP not only removed the Captains Quarters, they also removed all videos and Dev Blogs that showcased their plans for implementing WiS content to Eve Online.

But hey, let’s go with your assumption that Captains Quarters was solely implemented as a WoD test bed and due to WoD being canceled, they removed the Captains Quarters. And along with everything else, let’s just conveniently overlook the fact that Captains Quarters was removed 3 years later after WoD was canceled.