What are some tips for starting to get involved in defending against trigs

I like my home in Caldari space, and just found out that the beginning stage of the invasions are pve. If there’s an invasion near me, I’d like to try to help defend the system in that stage. Is there any point in me even trying if I’m primarily a pve missiles guy? I’m not afraid to lose ships, I’ll fly what I can afford to lose. Can I show up solo for the first phase or is that pointless? If missiles are no good, will it help if I show up with reppers, ecm, or tackle?
Are there any cal frig or des fits y’all can suggest for me? Sorry about all the noob questions, this isn’t an area of the game I’ve messed with. I usually run missions(when I want to relax a little) for cash and build stuff out of reprocced loot.
Otherwise I like running sites in wh(still pve, but having to constantly be even more vigilant out there really keeps the adrenaline going).

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Apparently Shield Tanked Orca’s are in right now!

Why would anyone want to resist the Triglavkins? They bring salvation, and anime girls.

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Excellent, thanks. I’m not sure if there’s anything going on near me right now. But I’d like to be prepared.

Because I want to kick invaders out of Caldari space and keep our(caldari) systems from flipping.

I think the invasion is pretty much over by now. You’re kind of late to the party.

That’s fair. I’ve only been back in game for a little bit. I came back right before niarja fell and didn’t know until today that there was a pve element to the invasion.

By over do you mean that the currently contested systems are the last ones that will be invaded?

It is going strong. People are just used to it now.

I thought it’s gone through most of the expected systems now?

Cool. In addition to rolplaying a patriotic Caldari and preserving my vacation home(hisec), in interested to see what loot and salvage drops.

There are about 270 possible Liminalities. Even with the massive fortifications imported from Serenity we’ve only only fought over 1/4 of the possible systems up for invasion.

Is Uedama or Sivala on the list?

No, neither are the star types that are able to flip to Trig-sec, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t be invaded just that the result would be a minor victory.

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A minor victory is still a state of Flux though, correct? Can’t that still be pushed back by eden or an i mistaken?

Ah, wow, I was way off then. Sorry, I’m not actively engaging in this stuff.


In game channel: EDENCOM-Defense-Initiative. Read the MOTD and ask all the questions. Buy a CHEAP recommended shield buffer fit DPS ship or CHEAP recommended shield logi ship. Get on the Discord comms. Get invited to the fleet: in game channel: EDI E Up. Ask, ask, ask…

I don’t think they can. Here is a list someone is maintaining: https://kybernaut.space/invasions

Awesome. Hoping to try it out this weekend. Are t1 ships viable?