What are some tips for starting to get involved in defending against trigs

If I had the time (or interest) to poke around in an invasion system to see what’s what, I would just put together a couple frigates with decent align/warp speed and some passive buffer, jump to an invasion site and use scanner and overview to see what’s going on.

Warp to a couple combat sites, see what’s there. Ask in local what ship builds are useful. You’ll get more specific help from people actually engaged in it.

Also check your head and see if you’ve any implants you don’t want to lose. Use a jump clone if needed.

Really, you look so calm cool and collected … LOL

That’s also how I learned what ‘Cerulean’ was.

The smallest viable is Moa or Osprey for Caldari.

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Minor victories used to be able to be reinvaded but there were some bugs so CCP disables reinvasions.

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