Fuzzywuzzy Haz a Buggyz!

Heeey @Steve_Ronuken :heart:

I was using the LP store tool on Fuzzworks to search for Hydra blueprints. Even though it was found in the search results and correctly identified the corps that offered it, it doesn’t actually filter in the items offered by the corps themselves (see screenshot). I know these items can’t be sold on market - maybe that’s why they aren’t shown? But it’d be awesome if they could be listed anyway (maybe with a 0 ISK price for market)

Just thought I’d let you know!

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It’s because the default search is without blueprints for some annoying reason. Hopefully Squizz gets around to fixing it

That’d be interesting to see…

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I’ve just updated the code a little, so that if the word Blueprint is in the item name, it’ll send you to the version including blueprints. If not, it won’t.

(I don’t show them by default because indeed, you can’t just sell them. There’s an extra step involved.)

If at some point you want to add BPC prices,
The Contracts Appraisal API works really well:

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