FW and security statu

hello :slight_smile:

GM say me to come here from my petition

the problem is we are in FW and when we hold a FW site sometimes a neutral enter in to fight us, not to take a flower !

so to defend the site FW we need to agress him ASAP and then because he s neutral we lost security status

this rules upset a lot my corpmates

so it is possible ?

  1. pilot not in FW can not take gate of FW site


  1. If pilot not in FW can take a gate FW site then he get suspect timer



I dont care about security status but it`s true depending site from neut is not fair who care about security status

Another day, another thread about FW and sec status hits.

If a non fw group attacked yours or an allied structure would you not fight back in case you take a sec hit?

If you get tackled on a gate will you not try to kill anyone in case you take a sec status hit?

When the enemy anchors structures using a non fw alt corp, will you not aid the assault because you will take a sec status hit?

Neutrals entering fw plex’s is a non issue. Either belt rat your status back up, use tags or better still. wear your -10 with pride.

Hi sec is where your hauling alt goes.

Considering that 2 of the 3 examples you have already come with a criminal flag when committed, makes your examples a pretty poor selection. Structures in lowsec also give suspect status when attacked. You presume an attack from any anchored structure because poor mechanics allow for anchoring of Citadels in sov space owned by an enemy. Something that many people are currently complaining about.

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