[FW] Centering newFw around Larger ships is a mistake you keep paying for

Following the changes to Battlefield NPCs, people are realizing how much they punch back when they are not being kited.

This is good for commitment, but the problem is that the very few people who were running those are being further pushed away. A battlefield just sat for an entire day uncontested.

All the current pain points of FW all come from the same mistake from Uprising.

Trying to make a space for Frigates and Cruisers be about Battlecruisers and Battleships.

Too many plexes? Blame Larges and Opens, and the obsolescence of Novices and Smalls (zero reasons to run them now unless you are a noob and don’t know better), Battlefields not being contested? Limiting them to Frigates up to Cruisers would have lowered the barrier of entry.

With hindsight, all those changes were made to accommodate the Pirates with Havoc. We can’t ask them pirates to lower themselves to Frigates, so we have to disincentive them in FW if we want them to play together.

Unfortunately, that ship has sailed, but at least the number of sites in the Warzone should be drastically reduced, so that more friction actually happens and groups are formed in space, that’s the only way you gonna get more people outside farmers doing Battlefields.

Um…pretty sure these get run constantly. Not to mention all the swarms of Algos running around. Sure the BFs have changed, but if you are a small ship pilot, you are better off running the smaller plexes anyways. You want a large variety of plex sizes so you can accommodate all types of pilots and they can get the fights they are looking for.