Mega Battlefield Faction War

There are systems in the Faction War zone that constantly have battlefields spawns. I suggest that Mega Battlefields replace the standard Battlefield, after so many cycles.

The Mega Battlefield would have five capture points and allow Navy Dreds to finally enter the fight.

The NPC and capture point mechanics would remain the same. The only difference is there would be two Navy Dreds protecting the two additional capture points that must be destroyed in order for the timer to start running.

What’s the reason? I really like the current state of FW. There needs to be a good reason for this.

The reason? To make grinding for Navy Dreds a real thing. To destroy massive amounts of tears and to harvest your soul.

People already “grind” for dreads.

Putting the Dreads to work in capturing Mega Battlefields will create a new dynamic for Faction War.

You can already use them to take down structures.

Not that I dislike more game play modes… but it’s not as new as you seem to think.

Using Dreads, as requirement to capture FW sites in the new FW setting, is a new thing.

FW is supposed to be condusive to newer players. Who would win, a cruiser or 5 frigs? At equal tech levels it is usually the frigs. What about a battleship versus 5 cruisers? The cruisers win again, especially against a buffer battleship. What about a dread versus 10 T1 battleships? The Dread wins. HAW Fleet Nags are going to be horrifyingly effective. If they can’t really be dropped on efficiently, what’s to stop people from just hopping in their dreads and making the warzone super unfun? I really like the cruiser and frigate meta that pervades lowsec right now. Battleships should be niche heavy firepower tools, and capitals should have no reasonable moneymaking application. That’s why I love where FW is now. The fights I get in my T1 frigs are stupendous. Breacher v Navy Cricifier, Slasher v Slicer, and Merlin v Coercer (I lost the last one :frowning: ). It is very fun, and I love having targets in abundance.

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30 Frigs or 25 cruisers will handle a Dread rather easily.

You, sir, are incorrect.

This guy makes some fantastic videos. He says in his “Lasker Gets Dunked” compilation that his general rule of thumb is that he can engage up to 50 dudes in frigates through cruisers, a little less if they are all in high-damage stuff with neuts and logi.

The Naglfar v. 25 Svipuls is a great example of how wrong you are and how you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. He never even has to rep, if I remember correctly.

He reps plenty, but that first death was only because he only had 100 stront in his ship. In general subcaps aren’t much of a threat to caps. Unless you’re talking about a specialized role like dics and hics.

25 Comets each with a MWD, would never have to worry about a Dread one shotting them as the Dreads tracking speed would never match a Comet orbiting at 3,000 m/sec.

The video sounds made up, like it was done on Tranquility to create a desired outcome, especially that blob orbiting far away from the Dread.

I’m certain 25 Navy Cats or Navy Exeq would be able to chew through a Dread, rather easily, when the ships are fit for max DPS + MWD + Dmg hardwiring Even the cruisers would be hard to hit traveling at 2,500 m/sec.

Whats the name of the dread pilot so the kills can be confirmed on Zboard?

New players will like to watch the Dread fights in a Mega Battlefield. The old guys will enjoy putting on a show for everyone and the young kids will want to train for Dreads.

Are you talking about the Svipul video or the main Nag one?

You do know what webs, grapplers, and heavy neuts can do to a frigate, right?
The Comet is going to be going not even 100 m/s at point blank range.

You clearly have no idea how neuts and grapplers work.

Lasker Emanuel and Broken Oath are his two dread characters.


No, they just like shooting stuff.

This is a toxic mentality.

Please actually do research before saying stuff.

The video you linked in the post… but reading it again… perhaps you were talking about a different video.

I was indeed.

Who are you other than a forum troll?

Im certain Dreds will become a combat addition in Low.

Low needs more Dred fights.

You still havent linked the zboard kill mail with the 92 frigates killed by the Dred.

A Dred would never last that long in Null or Low because every kill mail entrepreneur would have come after that Dred when the region heard about it.

Do your own research.

Link the name of the pilot from the video that you posted.