[FW] Ships amount and size

Any thoughts on reducing the amount of sites around in the Warzone? I’d think that less sites would lead to more friction between FW pilots and thus more fights?

In the Insurgency systems there can be 4 or 9 sites at any given time, for a dozen people in the system, this is too much. People should actually search and fight for those sites.

Also, I see people running XXX-1 with 10 pilots xD
There should be an actual mechanic to encourage small gangs rather than just zerging plexes, that again to encourage fights.

Maybe if the amount of NPCs in the plexe increased with the amount of enemy pilots in the plexe? In the case of people in dplexing, when an enemy pilot would get in an equal amount of rats of that side would be spawned?

Anything really that makes that number alongside the plex type actually matters.