My only point of feedback on the latest patch

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Why. Just…why?

Because people complained that too many bots run too many of them and get too many rewards out of them.

’ The number of 5 player complex spawns has been reduced’

What does that mean in plain English ?

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5-player sites are meant for small squads of 5 players to team up and run them. There are less of them now.

Ah, thanks…something I’d never heard of. Will look into it.

Someone explained to me that the reduction in 5-player sites is a result of a reduction in total sites. I’m not sure if I’m interpreting this right so I can’t tell for sure if they are pushing FW to become more of a solo thing, or if it’s still good for running in groups. Next month I’ll be down in FW space so I guess I’ll see what it’s like then.

Perhaps those 5 Players should be now doing Lowsec Faction War?

Also a Fleet of 5 Players taking ESS funds from the main bank in Null would be even better if they are all running for the isk!

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