Suggestion for Monthly Economic report

Can we have the incursion payouts on the MER be split into lowsec/highsec/nullsec or at least somewhere a division into these three to see what each contributes to the total? (i’m interested in the trend of decline in highsec, and see what part Lowsec/nullsec has picked up)

(copy pasted from reddit because i’m a bad)


Well considering that there is only 1 Lowsec community and 2 Nullsec coalitions that actually farms Incursions outside of highsec this is nothing more than an ego stroke.

I don’t think so. I don’t run incursions and i’m interested in this as well.

+1 from me.

If it’s a problem for null/lowsec groups you can just bundle nullsec and lowsec because they get the same payouts per site.

i see no reason for this to be necessary. likely only nullsec incursioneers would want this concealed.

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